Optical Input Problem

Just upgraded from ND5XS to ND5XS2 but having issues with the TV sound via optical cable to the new streamer (digital input Toslink)

Nothing has changed settings wise, apart from the streamer … which gives no sound. Interestingly, if I use multiroom via the app and my MuSo, everything crackles, but still no proper audio from the TV.

I’ve even checked the fibre optical cable by plugging it into the Muso asks the TV sound to it works absolutely fine!

The LG TV (C8) sound is set to optical output PCM and the digital input on the new ND5XS2 is enabled.

What am I missing (anything)?

The streamer is 2 days old and I’ve just managed to connect the TV today. Bluetooth connects but ‘stutters’ constantly … whereas my first generation MuSo doesn’t.

I guess I need to return the ND5XS2 and swap it for a replacement unit :grinning:

Really hope it isn’t a faulty unit and that I’ve missed something in the setup, but I can’t see what else to change. Any ideas?

I’ve done the usual factory resets, power down and deleting the iOS app etc … still the same issue… no TV audio via optical digital input on the ND5XS2 (but works on the MUSo and my previous first generation ND5XS)

Is it the same whether you connect to and select either Optical input 1 or Optical input 2? I would try both, making sure the physical TOSLINK connection is good each time.

Failing that, perform an “unplug - wait a few mins - re-plug” re-boot. If still no joy, reset the player. If still nothing then get in touch with your dealer or Naim tech support.

Yep, tried both inputs and reboots etc

Looks like a return unfortunately.

Appreciate your input Richard and taking the time to respond :grinning:

FWIW, when I replaced my Samsung Frame TV with the 2020 model, the Toslink connection wouldn’t work properly. This is a known problem with latest gen Samsung TVs. Maybe LG are using the same chip? I never solved the problem, because I was able, with a little help from the Linn support team, to run a HDMI connection from my KDSM to the telly instead.

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