Optical or RCA

Ok so what do I use…
My 24bit CD player has both RCA and Optical outputs. Which one should I use
A) RCA straight into my Supernait 2
B) Optical straight into my ND5XS2 Streamer and use the Naim App to switch
Many thanks

The only sensible answer I can think of is to try it yourself and see how they compare.

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You would be comparing the DAC of the CD player versus the DAC in the streamer. Give it a go on both. Only you can judge what you prefer.

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Thats what I thought. The CD is the Meridian 506 24bit from the 1980s

How do you find the ND5 XS2 with the SN2 - I’ve wondered how that goes up against the Nova.

It sounds amazing, superb clarity throughout. The SN2 is unbelievable
I will save up for the NDX2 at some point, but for the money, the ND5 does me

I had both on my SN2. I had the ND5XS2 on first and now I have the NDX 2.

ND5XS2 sounded a little more raw. A bit more naughty. A wee bit more punchy.
NDX 2 sound more delicate, more refined. The high frequencies are noticeably more filigreed.

Adding a HiCapDR to the SN2 with the NDX2 seemed to push the midband a touch further back so that all the frequencies are a bit more balanced and in-tune with each other.


I’m keen to try this against the Nova in an A/B comparison. Unfortunately, there are no demo units of the new streamers in New Zealand at the moment. There are mixed views on the Forum as to whether the SN2 with a new streamer is a significant improvement on the Nova.

I would not know Mike
All I can say that the sound is amazing. I was thinking about the NOVA myself but was told that I should go with the SN2 and eventually get a streamer…well that didnt take long, a month I believe.

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