Optimal Statement setup?

As some of you may have seen from recent threads, I am due to receive my complete Statement system within the next couple of weeks. It will be place on a suspended hardwood floor, between 2 Fraim stacks.

I’ve recently read that merely plopping them down (as if they are merely plopable) is not enough to maximize their performance. I know they need to be level, but what, if anything else, needs to be taken into consideration? I especially curious about the spacing between the 3 pieces. Space is at a premium so I am looking to put them as close together as maximum performance will allow.

Thanks, in advance, for your help,


I would drop Jason at Naim or give him a call, rather then good intentioned here say. Not many forum members with a full Statement system, let alone setting it up themselves.



I do not know who “Jason” is. What is his position at Naim? What is his last name and how would I contact him?

Hi Mitch…he is Jason Gould the Naim brand ambassador globally. He has visited dealers to help them get the best out of the Statement set up, he is very knowledgeable and a great guy to deal with.


I would call Naim or email and ask to be put in touch with Jason. Perhaps @Naim.Marketing or @Richard.Dane can put you in touch directly to get the best from these beasts.

Take care👍

Mitch, I would advise an email to Naim, for the attention of Jason.

Thanks Gazza. I will try to get in touch with him.

Thanks, Richard. It looks like Jason is The Man!

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Jason is great. He changed the bass units on my SBLs in my house once, a long time ago. When I saw Statement at Naim the three boxes were side by side with just an inch or two between them. They come with special cups to go beneath the spikes, so it should all be pretty easy. Other than the weight of course - the toroidal transformers alone way 36kg each! I hope you’ve got some strong mates.

I will reach out to Jason in the next day or two. As to the strong mates, my friends work for scotch! LOL

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Personally I would stack them. It would give a nice black and green building.


Personally Mitch this seems to be causing a lot of worry
just plop them down …
At my house please :rofl:
All the best


LOL You guys have an interesting sense of humor!


I’m curious what speakers do you have and how big is the room?

Look at 500 vs statement thread. All is there.

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…and more!

Mitch I’m not quite sure what to say since I’ve never heard your system. I will throw out an opinion. If you can afford to spend this much money on equipment. Why not build a dedicated room? I can only imagine how great this system would sound in an acoustically optimized room. I see you live on Li so I’ll guess you have either a big enough home to add on too or maybe build a free standing structure. Good luck with the Statement’s


I enjoyed your wonderful optimism regarding my financial situation. Unfortunately, I have used up ALL discretionary $$ just to grab the Statement, not to mention trading what I fear will be substantial goodwill from the wife. If she even got a whiff of your suggestions It might cost some very personal body parts.

In all seriousness, my “listening room” is also the living room. In other words, it is not a dedicated music room. The fact is, the room is quite inadequate, both in size and layout. The sacrifices we must endure!.. I have no doubt that a much larger and properly set up room would transform the sound into something ethereal. I’ll just have to settle for incredible. Again, the sacrifices I am forced to endure…

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I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous!

I pretty sure you’re right. It had better be!


Here’s a picture from the Naim dem-room of their Statement in situ…

hope that helps?