Options for connecting TV to 52 preamp

I have recently raised the height of my Fraim that holds, from top to bottom, 52, NDS, NAT01, Snaxo, 2x135s. This configuration stretches the link from an internet socket to the 52, which delivers the audio signal from my TV.

My options seem to be:

  1. Extend cable
  2. Swap NDS with 52
  3. Use a Toslink(?) from TV to NDS

Are there any other options that I’m forgetting?

I think I used the Toslink before I had the LAN installed, but I can’t recall and I’m not sure connecting it to the NDS is an option.

Any comments, thoughts, options welcome in the spirit of the season.

I use toslink 5 metre cable from virgin media box to nd555, works fine. See no reason why that would not work for the nds.


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A Toslink connection to the NDS should be fine, as long as there are no lip-sync problems.
I’m struggling to understand what this connection is from ‘internet socket’ to 52, perhaps you can explain what this involves?

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Indeed: the audio out from the TV goes to a LAN socket behind the TV. A Ethernet plug goes from a LAN socket behind one of my Fraims in an adjacent lobby to an input on the 52.

This was set up by Ian from UHES when he installed the system after a refurbishment, the LAN wiring was done by Buzz. Now I suppose it could be a direct link between one socket and the other.

Toslink is great for tv. I use a 5m AQ Forrest which was about £60 undiscounted.


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Sorry, but now I’m really confused! A LAN connection is digital, so there must be a converter if some sort to feed it into your analogue preamp. Perhaps I’m missing something.

I’m just describing what I see …
Any explanation welcome.

Maybe you could post a photo?

What kind of input on the NDS does it go to. If digital then just using cable as twisted pairs.


It goes into the 52. Audio out from tv goes to LAN, from LAN to 52.
Photos to follow in daylight.

What is the interface (box?) between the LAN and the NAC52? Photos would be much appreciated.

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IIRC the LAN module was specific to the set up. Which might explain how an audio out can go via the LAN to the 52. Here are a couple of photos: spaghetti junction behind the TV (RH yellow cable is from the TV, the other cables are from the Apple TV and IR relay) and the output from the TV.

The bottom photo; is that not the audio out of the TV?

Correct - first time I had looked at it closely.

So I’m guessing that the lower photo shows an analogue cable that connects the TV to the preamp? If so, an optical connection from TV to NDS should sound better as you are then using the DAC in the NDS. Set the TV output to stereo PCM, connect it, and you should be all set.

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Ah that’s what I’m doing wrong … except I can’t find the option on my Sony Bravia. Or it could be my Humax but can’t find it there either … more research necessary.

I didn’t have to adjust my Panasonic Vierra. As far as I know tv signals don’t have Dolby, but my Sound Menu has V-Audio and V-Audio Surround which it’s on. Usually the sound from any source going into the tv will be output over the toslink, which is defined as 2 channel PCM audio. It can’t handle anything more.


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Something to address over the weekend. But thanks for the feedback.

BTW, just turn the volume on the tv down to almost zero, which doesn’t affect the toslink which you control with the Preamp. If my tv volume is zero it has done funny things on the toslink, but at 1 the tv is inaudible.