Ordering of albums, artists, etc. in NAIM Android app

I have asked before but still no answer.

Unlike the IOS version, there appears to be no ability to stop the app from applying alphabetical ordering which is a royal PITA. There is no A-Z option at the top of the screen so the order carefully applied by my upnp server is ignored. Can we have parity between the apps and have this function as i have sort tags and the ago won’t let me user them. Someone answered previously that this had been present in the Android app but had been dropped in a recent update. Can it be reinstated sharpish please?


Yes, it is something that I personally also suffer, in silence, in addition to limiting the playlists to 500 tracks, and, unlike legacy streamers, the setback of not being able to access the playlists from the NDX2 screen and remote and having to die in the APP…

It seems that in Naim they think preferably of the most sybaritic and elitist market, and, judging by quite a few of the comments of this forum, it seems that everything is fine, there is no problem with the APP and those who request “something more” in products of this price level, however reasonable the request, must be a kind of “weird bugs.”

It’s really a pity…

“Weird bugs” at best, advised to buy Sonos instead at worst.

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