Ordering wait time

I’ve just waited 24 weeks for my ND5 SX2.

Wow that’s long I am 8 weeks at the moment waiting for 555dr hopefully it will arrive soon.

10.5 weeks for an NDX2 so far, so guess I may have quite a wait yet then

My ND5 XS2 finally arrived after a 25 week wait :boom:


Unfair… I ordered mine over 28 weeks ago (January 19th) and still not a sniff of it.
Role on September, week off so I can go and listen to alternatives.

Phoned Naim earlier, and said my NDX2 is still about a month away, sounds like I’m lucky.

There is something seriously wrong here - the delays have never been that long (and as others on the thread show, orders are being delivered).

You need a frank conversation with your dealer….


NDX 2 lead times are not as long as ND 5 XS2, which uses a particular chip that has been in really short supply. More stocks arriving, though - even if we don’t quite have the buying clout of some!

When Sony, Apple, Samsung and many more are finding it hard to source components, the size of the global issues are evident.

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What’s the lead time for 555ps.?

About 6 weeks, I believe. For new orders, of course - dealers may already have orders in that could arrive before that.

OK thanks.

13 weeks and counting for a Supercap DR and my dealer is unable to get a delivery date. When ordering the estimate was 6-8 weeks. It’s really frustrating and there’s only so much pestering of a dealer you can do without risk of damaging your long-standing relationship.

Did you pay for it when you placed the order?

If that question was to me, a hefty deposit, not in full. There will be a trade in involved too.

I have had many conversations with my dealer and am loath to keep doing this for fear of damaging a long-standing relationship. My next nearest dealer is a 2hr drive on a good day… at this time of the year in Cornwall there are so many tourists that it is more likely a 3 hour trip so not inclined to try another dealer.

Not sure what to do other than look for an alternative once thing get back to normal down here. If there is anything you can do to assist would be much appreciated but probably best done off forum.

Graham, I have messaged you.



It would be really helpful to know what the current listed lead time is for the Supercap DR too given my dealer can’t get a revised estimate for delivery.


Last update I received on the 20th July was that the Supercap DR was running at 10 weeks lead time.

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But… but… my dealer isn’t called Frank… :laughing:

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I ordered two fresh 555PS DR on the 5th of June… Still waiting.