Ordering wait time

I’m quoting current lead times - we review them every 2 weeks. I know DR parts were in shorter supply early in year.

It’s an incredibly fluid situation; and remember, nothing is mass produced; that’s part of what you’re paying for.

We are working so hard to keep production rolling and source everything we need, and we have had some recent positive news re parts that means improving lead times on many models.

But as noted above, in a world where even the tech giants can have issues, it’s not a simple situation.

Please bear with us at this incredibly challenging time - and do continue to actively engage with your dealer, whom has hotline to Naim for updates.


Presumably it must also be a problem for storage of all the 90% built device, just waiting on that last part?

Not really - we have fabulous logistics facilities. No shortage of space here in rural England!

Also, we can’t part build some products - all depends where the ‘missing’ part goes in the product/manufacturing process….

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My dealer told me today I will have my 555ps next week happy days. :blush:


Been waiting 5 weeks for ATC scm 40 speakers no sign yet unfortunately :thinking: It’s not just naim having problems we have all been use to gear immediately before bug thing

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My Uniti Nova order has just passed the 25 week mark. I ordered 1st week in February.
Update yesterday from Naim via dealer is parts may be available towards end of August…

Hi James. Where are you based, please? Uniti Nova lead time has never been that long all year, so once again i think it’s worth looking into. Please could you message @Richard.Dane

UK based. I’ve had 3 updates in total since I ordered. I’ll message Richard.

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H Clare, seems private messaging is not enabled…?

James, I’ve messaged you.

Interested to know when you ordered it :thinking:

My dealer has told me he’s stopped accepting orders for the Streamers, such is the uncertainty.

I think the challenge comes when dealers receive orders for systems - and end up with only part of it in stock, for which they have to pay, whilst they wait and wait the delivery of the rest.

I can see how that situation could be a pretty big hit on dealers cash flow.


7 weeks ago.

Just had the Signals summer letter, yes things are delayed, but they have a reasonable stock of Naim and more imminent. I guess a lot of this is what stock dealers are willing to hold for themselves on the speculation it will be sold soon after. If people are not happy with waiting ring around, you might be surprised.


That’s very odd - my pair was ordered 9 weeks ago. Still no sign.

You ordered a pair must take longer I reckon.

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I happen to know they are completing mounds of various products as we complain, er, speak.

That’s the problem with this business model. You’re essentially extending credit to the dealer so he can buy the product at his cost to resell to you for a significant profit. Now the delivery date is your problem not his. I’m pretty sure Naim doesn’t require payment from the dealer prior to shipping/delivery. Naim blames the chip shortage, dealers blame Naim, and consumers are the only ones taking risk. Why isn’t your dealer taking the risk? Isn’t he the party profiting financially in the transaction? Why do we even need dealers?

Personally I’d cancel the order and buy one from a dealer that actually stocks these things.


That’s how every dealer should handle the situation.

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What about a 300DR? I suppose that the shortage of DR devices affect also this amp for the delivery terms :thinking: