Ordering wait time

Apparently the 2 x SL IC’s recently ordered will be available within a week !

What a long wait, and still no delivery!? :frowning:

Just checked the serial number of Naim for 2021.

479206 - 504760 2021

25554 was a record number. Still, so many people are waiting for their orders. What and where are these produced ones? All are Musos and Unitis?

I’m sure many will be Unitis, yes, as Mu-So aside, they are Naim’s best selling units.

Note that none will be Mu-Sos as they are not made at the Naim factory in Salisbury so use a different serial numbering system.

My dealer (Germany) had a 555dr on stock, so I just could take it home after deciding to buy it.


What was the serial number?

I assume if people buy Unitis then do not need to wait for so long?

I have no idea what the current supply situation is for each unit in the range - best asked of Naim.

I think it was produced in mid 2021.

9 months on at last my 300DR is in!
Already can tell a massive upgrade on my 200DR!


I asked and they also did not tell

Our distributor made his last batch of orders from Naim UK since the 4th quarter of 2021. The update he is getting is that shipment will be done asap……

I have not been waiting as long as some of you, however I have orders outstanding for a 250Dr (to add to 2 that I have), Supercap, Snaxo, NAC 552 + NAC PS 555, ND555 + 2 PS 555. Orders were placed in March 22 for the streamer and pre amp and in August 22 for the 250/SC/Snaxo. I have been promised October, but I am not holding my breath! The ordered Kudos Titan 808’s have been delivered to the dealer along with the 250 DR and I am waiting for news on the rest, with 2 UK dealers involved.

As an aside I have picked up from this thread that when I sell my existing kit (I cannot find a good alternative but I am open to suggestions) that I must show the seriel number so the buyer can validate the existance of the kit and my claim to its age. Is that valid or have these points of validation been spoiled via Ebay fakers?

Showing a full picture of the back panel, including the serial number does help attract buyers. Looks open and honest, people feel they can bid without taking any risk regarding what they might end up with.

I would suggest that given the regular appearance of fakes on eBay using other peoples photos, you should obscure the serial numbers and invite potential buyers to contact you via eBay where you can exchange information privately. It’s generally easy to discern genuine buyers and sellers if you engage with them.


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