Origin Live

I have just sent a Rega 250 to Origin Live for a rewire and to have the plugs on a tonearm cable changed from BNC to RCA and have to say that the work carried out and the customer service was A1. Turnaround time for the rewire was about 48 hours and I cannot reccomend them highly enough great value for money. Once the cable has had time to settle in I’ll post a short review.

Did you get a separate ground cable?

Ellen’s company and products. I have a Origin Live Resolutiion Mk 4 turntable, for which Mark Baker gave me a trade-in value equivalent to the original price of my Mk 3.

Yes the arm already had an Origin Live external cable with a separate earth cable which was repaced with the internal rewire this had been terminated with BNC plugs which I had replaced with RCA plugs the arm also had an older style Origin Live stub and counterweight which are black not silver.

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