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It looks as though my version 1 Uniti is going to need a service… the spindle, despite very, very little use since purchase, has given way for a second time, and the display has died now as well. Not the end of the world, but it’s making life difficult for configuring network settings etc…

I’m aware that there’s a flat rate charge for servicing, but I’m guessing there’s a) a risk that these repairs might not be included in the flat rate, and b) if there is an additional cost, it might not be economical to repair it…

Does anyone have any experience or advice? I’m guessing that taking it into my (UK) dealer is first best thing to do, but I thought I’d pick your brains first.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed… it feels like potentially a lot of money to replace pretty cheap consumer components – the CD mechanism at least feels as though it shouldn’t have failed once let alone twice – and, maybe naively, I’d expected more from something that for me was a very expensive purchase (I appreciate that I’m at the lower end of the Naim range, but nothing is what you’d call ‘cheap’…).


I had my Uniti 1 serviced, display replaced, and opted for the DAC upgrade to allow for 24-bit decoding. I have no regrets about having had all this done, and despite comments to the contrary, it is sonically just as good as some of the more recent streamers, especially when using a separate power amp, as I do.

I’ve also never had the CD drive fail, so I am surprised to hear this. Your dealer is the first point of contact and will get it sent off to the factory. Good luck!

I would ask your dealer to clarify exactly what the charge will be, and whether or not there are could be any work not included. As I understand it, the fixed price includes pretty much any work required, so it could be good value if you need a lot of things fixing, or very expensive if the repairs are trivial.
The upgraded streamer board may be worth considering if you value the extra functionality it will bring, but as it’s an upgade rather than a repair, I don’t know if it would be included in the fixed price.

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The upgrade is not included in the repair. It is an option. I am glad I took this option, as it sounds simply sublime on 24-bit material plus, of course, the option to use Tidal which is excellent.

Unfortunately, it seems that CD mechs and OLED displays are parts that are usually shortest lived. The key is can the maker repair I replace the parts long after the unit has been discontinued. I believe that Naim can - supporting old kit is something Naim are usually very good at.

A question: do you or anyone who uses the CD player tend to drop the puck/clamp onto the spindle? If so, that has been known to cause problems including the spindle top coming apart.

Another tip re. OLED displays is to set them to switch off after a few seconds of pressing any function. That will ensure a much longer lifespan before replacement is required.

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I must say, I do. The magnetic force is quite strong though, but will bear that in mind next time my partner or I use it.

It’s also good to remove the puck by lifting one side first, rather than pulling it straight off.

Thanks for the helpful replies, I’ll trot along to my dealer with it and see what they say.

With respect to the puck issue, I’ve always been careful to do the angled lift off and return, and it’s been used a vanishingly small number of times over the years, hence the frustration. I mainly use vinyl, streaming or internet radio, so the CD player has always been low down the pecking order.

Wish me luck!


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