Orpheau jukebox

A new french company developed the Orpheau jukebox. The machine can read 20 lps.
18k euros. Ouch!



@TheKevster , any thoughts?

The mechanism looks as if it might break down quite quickly!

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How can it cost 18 k ? It’s incredible.

…and why would someone actually pay 18000!

It appears to use a Dual CS435 or CS410 as the actual turntable. Interesting nevertheless…


I find it nice and original, but 18k seems very very expensive for it. Disproportionate.

…apart from the price…is there actually a market?
(Listening to Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Session, at the moment, on aTT which cannot be loaded up with discs!)

More designed for fun and people with deep pockets I feel. Not an audiophile one as us.

I suspect a lot of the quality has gone into the disc changer itself, which does look very industrial and factory like, this didn’t leave a lot left for the table or tonearm itself, maybe?

Richard said it’s a dual turntable. Can’t say how it sound, but probably something on the level of an entry level turntable.
So I agree, money was put towards the disc charger and cabinet.

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It looks a bit flimsy for all that money, FR…

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