Ortofon 2m black LBV

In case anyone is interested, just upgraded my standard Stylus for the LBV 250 version.
This is the one with the boron cantilever.
A definable improvement, tighter sound right across the frequency range. Faster transients and a little more detail.


Thanks for sharing Mike :+1: I’ve read very good things about this version and was curious about its potential.

I have the standard 2M Black and like it on my RP6, even though I know it has detractors. Wondering whether to swap out the stylus for the LVB when the time comes, or pop on a Rega MC!

My thinking was, I can just swap out the stylus. If I go for a new cartridge it’s probably going to be a MC, that means a step up to my sn3 phono, or even a new phono stage. Cost mounting up.
Listening to it now, the more I hear, the more I like

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Is it LBV or LVB?


Replying to a now deleted post.

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