Ossia/Sasha Renaissance 5/12/92

I had this tape from early 93 and over the next couple of years, it became the soundtrack of mine and my best mate’s mis-spent youth.
Time isn’t kind to this kind of recording, but a 25th anniversary remaster of the A side was done in 2017 by the man Ian Ossia himself and added to his SoundCloud account.
Unfortunately, Sasha didn’t remaster his B side.
A real shame, as the whole tape is bit of a journey and not having the B side in the same standard is a bit disappointing.

Waffling aside, the offering from Ossia is a great listen, with classics such as Sublime “kicking in the beat” never failing to get the head nodding.



Here’s a nice playlist from a Terry Farley Faith set from 95.

Such a huge amount of recorded material out there.
It’s like collecting “Penny Dreadfulls”

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Such a shame that most stuff you find sounds like it was recorded by someone holding an iPhone up to a kitchen wireless.
I’ll check that link out later. Thanks!

Great find. Have a box of mixtapes in the loft somewhere, never thought to put them up in the cloud.

Ending up in Derby through clearing as Renaissance kicked off was obviously a pre-planned effort and not due to zero revision :grimacing:

Fun times at Venue 44 and then the Conservatory which I could walk to/from and my mates worked there, though Sasha had gone stratospheric by then and just Digweed as resident.


Right place, right time, eh!?
We pretty much did every Friday and Saturday night at the Gallery in Leeds for about two years (92-94) Steve Luigi was the organiser/Dj along with the likes of Tim and Jez Utah (Utah Saints) as residents. There were many more, I’m just scratching the surface here.
Check out YouTube for a taster!
We only strayed to Back to Basics when the likes of Sasha visited town, or attending the Ark events at places like the University.
Good times!


Considering most of us young uns at that time only had little cheap cassette playing all in ones. Most tapes only sounded good after some usefully mind enhancing additions.
Only after the SL1200 x2 with a mixer and ropey separates - and of course some quality vinyl could these things be thoroughly appreciated.

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Yes, the music certainly sounded better at the weekend.

A Pioneer or Kenwood head unit with 6x9’s cut into the parcel shelf never failed to impress.

Mini Cooper ?
They had great acoustics.

Mk1 Golfs and Beetles

Definitely on the timing front and have friendships from there that last to this day.

Annoyed I never got to Basics or The Gallery (other mates did) though The Orbit was always the one in Leeds (well Morley) I wanted to check out. Was too easy with a great scene in Derby, lots of my friends working in the clubs behind the bar or resident DJs and then cajoling the guest DJ to come back and play at our afters do!

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I know that every generation must think/say that they don’t do things like they used to, but being in the middle of all that breaking through was a special thing.

A lad I know still plays and organises nights with most of the DJ’s from that time.
I keep threatening to go, but the thought in the back of my mind is “don’t ruin the memories!”

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If you take a nice afternoon kip, you might make some way through the late night.

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Nothing wrong with a Nanna nap!

All this came a bit after I’d stopped going clubbing as the music got a little heavy for my taste but I bought this for my other half about 20 years ago as she was into it we still listen to it every now and then and it sounds much, much better than her old mix tapes.



The “youth” at work are entranced by the fact I was part of the 90s scene and ask for anecdotes like I’m some old grandad who fought in the war. We’re a very liberal company but I think the chaos of that period should stay where it is.

There’s still so much incredible music around so I go to the occasional electronic gigs and festivals - but the thought of being in a club no longer computes. Although if it was Sasha ….

Me and my uni lot went to Shiiine On in Butlin’s last Nov - mostly 90s indie but they also had the likes of 808 State (disappointing for me), Sunscreem (superb) and other 90s dance names who I forget now. The whole thing was a brilliant laugh from start to finish, everyone attending obv from a certain era.

Now that I remember - Sasha did this 90s proggy/trancey webcast set some time during Peak Lockdown … you could tell he was getting massively into it himself, dropping one classic after another. Must be somewhere on t’interweb.


Those daytime weekend events are worth keeping an eye out for.
In recent pre covid years, we’ve been out dancing with the jazz funkers and northern soulers in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

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small world! I was in Ronson’s and Basics most fridays/Saturdays between 92-95 but Sasha at Corn Exchange was always a great treat :wink: havent been back to Leeds since Uni finished but look back on those years with fondness even though it was the twilight of my clubbing career.

Yes, I know what you mean ref things getting a bit heavy. My favourite music was from roughly 89 to 91 on tapes coming out of the Warehouse and The Gallery in Leeds (slightly before I could get away with passing for 18)
The stand out track that got my foot in the door was by Exposé - Tell me why

The CDs that you bought for your partner have plenty of belters on too!

Just sat chuckling to myself. Your war story reference cracked me up! In this case, What happened in Vegas definitely stayed Vegas.
Also, your mention of Sunscreem has had me adding Perfect Motion to my playlist.

Small world. I now live hundreds of miles away and some of my good friends here now used to travel to the Gallery when we used to go, all that time ago.

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