"Other room" headphone listening

I would like to listen to my Star through headphones in other rooms as well.

What would the most cost effective way be to get hi res sound to headphones elsewhere in the house where a cable cannot reach? I would assume wireless cans but dunno the best way to het the signal to them from the Star.

Currently I have Meze 99 Classics and Sennheiser HD660s. The solution has be be similar or better quality to my wired options.

The house is not large and more wood/dry wall than concrete in the way of wireless signals.

If you already have headphones you like, do you really want to buy another pair that are wireless?
An alternative would be to get a portable player that you can use in any location with your existing headphones. You could add stored music files to its built in storage. Some also have UPnP built in, so they can play music from network storage. That could include music on the Star.


No, ideally I do not want to buy more headphones. And I already have a pretty good lossless Roon solution in the other room. It’s a Focusrite Scarlett USB audio device I have for video recording from my Rode Procaster mic. And as it turned out Roon can stream lossless to it.

I am curious as to what it would take to play from the Star while sitting working in that room as it is the best player in the house.

I will probably stick to what I have but if there is an affordable solution, who knows.

In the past I’ve used AudioEngine’s W3 adaptors which I really liked (for the money).

Hi-Res and wireless headphones – not so sure that the two go together…

Hmmm thanks, I will investigate further.

As far as I have read there are newer devices on the market where the Bluetooth can carry the signal. How good they are, I dunno, part of the reason for this thread in case anyone has something like that.

There seems to be a second hand pair on ebay Kleinanzeigen atm if you’re interested. (Not mine)
Should fit in a (padded) envelope, so shipping won’t be too costly.

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Thanks for the headsup!!

How does it connect to the Star?

You can buy a Bluetooth transmitter and attach it to the Star to feed wireless headphones, but it’s unlikely to have the range to work in other rooms. The Audioengine W3 is a neat idea, and should have a better range. You could connect it to the Star preamp output or headphone socket, and at the other end, to a headphone amp. No idea what the sound quality would be like.
My suggestion to use a portable player was that it could connect to the Star or another server over WiFi, to play any music files stored on it.

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Oh it was a very good suggestion. I just did not give enough info initially to say that I already have a pretty good solution in that room.

And I am getting the idea that I am going to spend money to get worse sound than I already have there.

It was worth a try to get some info though.

You’d have to use the headphone output. Don’t think pre-out is possible (or is it?).
But this I think will be the same for any other solution as well. They are the only two outputs available.

Of course native multi-room to a Qb is another solution.

Does it take headphones? I was looking at the mu-so 2 as an option but it does not seem to have a headphone socket or amp.

No, you’re right, it doesn’t. It does have a 3.5mm socket, but that’s an input.
The W3 does have a 3.5mm output (and input).

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Do you refer to Hi-Res as in Qobuz Hi-Res, or Hi-Res as in CD quality (lossless)?

It would have been a great option for me if it had. Ah well.

Well in this case I am referring to it as an option that would give me similar performance to wired. Not the on paper specification of hi res.

Sorry — read, and re-read the post. But I am not sure what you are talking about…

The dangers of smartphone typing and watching Telly at the same time. Now edited. FWIW.

Since you already have Roon you could stream hires to an iPad /iPhone and use an Audioquest Cobalt or Red/Black to drive your existing headphones.
Gives a neat portable Roon system you can use anywhere.



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