"Out On Blue Six" Mark Radcilffe radio show in the 90s

Just digitised some old tapes of radio shows I taped to listen to in the car. I’d forgotten just how good “Out On Blue Six” was for its mix of genres. Mark Radcliffe was also very funny. Did anyone else listen to it? It ran for about two years from 1991 if I remember correctly.

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Oh man, that was one of my favourite programmes when I first had a NAD tuner to hear it properly through. Monday nights wasn’t it?

Always liked Radcliffe since first encountering him on it, esp when him & Lard shared Breakfast Show duties on R1 for a while.

Well found sir.

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Still on Sat and Sun mornings 7-10 on 6music with Stuart Maconie. Best radio programme if the week

Yep. Since Danny Baker got the boot from 5L and 6M had its swap-about a year ago that’s become the weekend norm.

Yes it was Monday 9pm.

Now that’s brought back a few distant memories. I loved that show!

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