Out with Roon, in with the Naim app

I know I am!

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You can get decent mesh for less than a grand even euros. But agree your best sorting the mesh before anything else.

Yeah I may be overestimating but I wont get away cheap even if shopping smartly.

And for everything else, video streaming, browsing, work, downloads, gaming my current Orbi is problem free. It just does not seem to like multicast. If it was a general problem, fine, but I’d be replacing something that works everywhere else just for Roon while I have a good cost free alternative.

I’m just not that desperate to keep it running.

Im different. And, i use a non naim power with a naim pre!

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Can you find albums were, say, Daniel Lanois played guitar or Malcolm Burn was an engineer? Horses for courses, again, but we should acknowledge the realities - if you don’t need that, it’s fine, obviously.

Me, I am adoring the new Wikipedia integration

Me neither, and cost, wow! IMO of course.

A fancy fanless NUC with 4 TB SSD music store and a Roon lifetime license costs 50% of a Uniti Core. (And it’s easy to go lower)

I always get a bit confused when people who are willing to spend (literally) £000’s on a cable, are horrified at the price of a streaming subscription, or a service such as Roon which (arguably) makes actually listening to music easier, more streamlined and more enjoyable.


Is there a roadmap for developing / augmenting the Naim app?

There may be but I doubt Naim will make it public.

What are you looking for, feature wise on the App?

A bit more like Roon svp. In particular playing on from an album (on Quobuz) with associated music…

I think it simply boils down to perceived need for the service coupled with value for money arguments, not necessarily whether or not you can afford the service though most people I suspect are being more cautious with how they spend their money these days. I’ve certainly cut back on some services which were ‘luxury extras’ we don’t really need.

If you use Roon all the time and would find it a big step backwards experience wise to revert to the simplicity of the Naim app or similar, then you’d likely find Roon to be good value for money.

If you rarely use Roon or don’t see advantages to it personally it would be rather poor value for money paying for a service you don’t use or need.

Streaming services for audio naturally offer very good vfm. It’s a question of how many you need. I ditched Tidal as it was mostly superfluous when I already had Qobuz and Apple Music (Family) subscriptions. If Apple Music allowed hi-res lossless playback on hi-fi gear without jumping through hoops utilising additional equipment then I might have to reconsider Qobuz, however I’d probably continue to subscribe to Sublime for the purchase discounts as the vast majority of music downloads I buy come from Qobuz.

Just get Roon then. :slightly_smiling_face:
You’re not going to get Roon style functionality on a phone/tablet this is what the Roon Core is for.

Roon can use a phone/tablet as a controller. Just like Naim etc
The Roon user experience is very different, I bought a lifetime subscription many years ago, something I have not looked back on. The cost has increased somewhat, my first Roon version was 1.4 I think.
Those people who are still questioning it, there is an offer on of $2 for 3 months on the website, great opportunity to check it out

That’s a fair shout, but…

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”.

Given the reliance on Apps for streaming, Naim developing their App and understanding what may be in the pipeline / using concepts from Roon is not unreasonable.

Just asking…

Indeed but the control point is just that. The Core does the heavy lifting.

It’s going to be more limited as there is no backend server to do all of the work. All current Naim products are Roon Ready so the option is there.

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I don’t see a need for Roon for anything other than multi room synchronisation over different devices, and its information service which if that is what you want seems to work well.

I don’t have any naim streamer but I can use a single remote from a Logitech touch to control all of my GN, Auralic, Bluesound, and Squeezebox devices if I so wish, I can only synchronise the sqbx devices though, the others have lags of one sort or another.
I can’t justify the cost of roon as I have no need of what if offers. It’s horses for courses.
The one thing I can’t understand about Roon is if I have a central music store NAS and my devices access that directly for play, why I would want to introduce another step in the chain by requiring a computer based music server to pass the signal through. Surely another electrical noise generating possibility as well as timing delays?


It does a lot more than that but if you don’t want it then it’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:Ive never used multiroom and cannot understand why you would want it. :thinking:

Because that’s how Roon works, I simply select the album I wish to play and that’s it, I don’t need to decide if it’s on my NAS, Qobuz or Tidal unless I really want to.
Roon’s SQ is not in question and may even be better due to the proxy nature of the system.

My Roon Core and NAS are on a different floor several switches away never mind the same room! It always amuses me when I see racks with NASs and network switches.

Timing delays? Like lip sync on the telly?


LOL. Touchy.


Roon has evolved into a little bit of a strange transition form and this also plays a part in my decision.

It’s online but you got to run an manage local hardware but you can’t use your local hardware to play local files unless you are online. And the reason you have to be online is so you can search as the search is online but my search is currently slow because of my local hardware. Oh yes and even though you HAVE to be online you can only access your stuff online outside of your house by creating a hole in your network.

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