Outdoor WiFi Extenders

Hi Guys
Have any of you used/experimented with any outside WiFi products like the one below.
Trying to get better overall site coverage to bring a more stable service across our whole property.

Perhaps @Simon-in-Suffolk can help.

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Thanks @Gazza

Bottom line avoid extenders where ever possible - they are not good options for wifi - and for the most part have been made obsolete with newer mesh or modern wifi systems

So you want to setup a little mesh AP - such as from Ubiquiti or similar. You need to think about how to power - I put one in my garden conservatory - but a mesh AP or ethernet connected AP solution will work far more efficiently than a wifi extender and won’t adversely affect performance elsewhere in the property


Are BT Disc’s Mesh products.
I have very much lost touch with networking technology in recent years. Our BB performance is diabolical and very unreliable, but now we are really needing to use it from all corners of the property.
We recently went back to BT for BB and are currently using their latest model ISDN Hub product. Can we build a mesh network properly using this or should I just go with a different set of products completely?

kind of - to all intents and purposes they are a type of mesh setup. They work well

So I could buy the 3 pack Disc set and see how we go.
I see the Netgear Orbi kit is much more expensive, is it worth the extra cost and would I need to change the router?
I can’t believe how out of touch I’ve got in just a few years🤦🏻‍♂️

yes they work with their Smart Hub 2 product - and they have another variant that works generally with anybody’s wifi/ I always recommend using the current ISP provided router rather than a third party for broadband

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Okay, sounds like I’m ordering a set of BT Disks and hoping that the coverage is sufficient for the whole property.
Otherwise things are going to get expensive with cable runs and switches in each location🤷🏻‍♂️
Thank you for your suggestions and advice Simon.

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I second mesh: I have an Asus mesh system, the primary unit upstairs in our chalet bungalow and the slave one in our sunroom on the back windowsill, and we get reasonable coverage across most of a 1/3 acre plot, though very weak in the garage and its shadow.

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I’ve got the TP Link Decor mesh ones and they work fine, even at the bottom of the garden from one in back bedroom

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I can vouch for the BT disks. Really easy to set up and work well / reliably in our barn.

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I have a Ubiquti LR access point which can reach the end of a 200 foot garden well enough to stream video but I guess that begs the question how far to you need to go. If it’s a very large property a weatherproof mesh may be required.

I run the Orbits and friends across the street in the coffee shop tell me they hook up to my network all the time (they do have the password). Use to use the Apple extenders they were nowhere as good as these Orbits.

Don,t tell me the password is “Pete the painter”, btw you need better extenders to reach me😂

Gazza don’t silly it’s my birthday. :wink:

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