Outer sleeves for box sets

Afternoon everyone – does anyone know where I can source polythene outer sleeves for bigger box sets?

Covers 33 does excellent 400g ones for sets up to 3cm thick – but no bigger. I’ve been looking for outers that fit box sets 301mm to 500mm (or even thicker) but can’t find them anywhere – apart from one chap who has a terrible reputation and I’m not wasting time and money with him.

Any ideas?

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Kev, drop a line FAO Peter Schalke at BagsXL / Packlinq, to their European site (.com as opposed to .uk).

Peter’s very helpful with advice on sizing and guidance (he sent me quite a few samples FOC). They make a multitude of vinyl safe (non PVC) bags, including the famous “Blakes Sleeves”. I’ve re-sleeved my entire LP collection after gathering samples from different suppliers, they were by far the best quality and value. The ones I’m using for box sets are code LCB1216B.

Also worth checking….

BLP1: Outer Sleeves for 12 inch Albums and Records 32x31.5 + 3.6cm self adhesive flap (aka Blake sleeves, snug fit).

BLP1NF: 12 inch Outer Album sleeves, no flap (aka Blake sleeves, snug fit) 32x32 cm.

BLPD: 12" Outer Gatefold album sleeves (aka Blake sleeves) 32.7x31.6 + 3.9 self adhesive flap. (aka Blake sleeves, generous fit for 180g, Gatefold, double albums).


Thanks @YetiZone - very useful!

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