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Hi, Is anyone aware of a way to reduce the output levels (RCA) from the ND5XS2? I have very lttle travel on my Amp volume, I have a similar issue from a DAC (Chord 2qute 3v rms) connected from Uniti Core where I have utilised rothwell attenuators at the amp input. I believe the amp (Musical fidelity A1008) is rated at up to 2v rms inputs, but I am struggling to confirm this.
In the naim app there is Volume mode with variable - fixed and hybrid, i’ve not tried altering these from fixed as i’m not sure how I could control anything else.

Using the variable volume will improve the usable range of your amp volume control, but you will lose sound quality. It’s a common problem with many amps when used with digital sources.

Some DACs do have a variable output level, which can be a good solution. The Qutest (successor to your 2Qute) for example has an optional 1V output setting, or some DACs have a variable output.

So loss of SQ with variable but does the same occur with Attenuators?

I’ve never used one, although I did find a Chord Hugo to be an excellent attenuator between my NDX and 282. More expensive, but it was a significant sound quality improvement as well as giving me a much wider useable range of the preamp volume pot.

No it doesn’t. The loss of SQ with variable is because of the way that has been done. Basically Naim don’t expect users to reduce the volume that way and you don’t need to do it if you are using all Naim kit.

But passive attenuators should be fine.

gone with attenuators, they appear to work well on the chord dac

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