Output setting on chord Qutest

Hello. I have just bought a qutest DAC. It has 1 , 2 and 3 volt output settings. Does anyone know which setting I should use going into my NaitXS3 ?

2v should be fine and give you plenty of range on the Nait volume control.

I would probably go for the 1V setting, as even 2V can give a very limited usable volume range on a Naim preamp. With the Hugo, which has variable volume, dialling it down from the 2V max is certainly preferable to my ears.
The usable volume range will obviously depend on your speakers and room too, so your findings may be a little different to mine. No harm in trying all the options to see what’s best for you.

I used the 2V with my 282/250. Now that I have a TT2, ib DAC mode the output is 2.5V by default.

Agreed with 2v…just gives your volume pot more range.

I am using 3v (blue) into the analogue input of my 272. I usually listen at about 34 on the volume scale and this is not too loud. I used to have it on 2v but I think 3v sounds better somehow (although I may have imagined it!). I suggest giving the different levels a try. I haven’t heard any distortion, but its probably best to start with the volume low when trying 3v.

Thanks all! Qutest now installed with 2volt output and sounding great :slightly_smiling_face:

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