Output signal dead (NDX 2)

I just came back from a 7 day vacation. My NDX 2 was in stand-by mode and my NAP 250 DR and HiCap DR (for my NAC 282) shut off during that time. When I came back and powered the amps on again I realized that the left channel signal was gone, without any changes to the settings. I traced the problem back to the NDX 2 and soon after the right channel was dead too! No more output at all. The display showed normal playing going on.
The NDX 2 is now off to repair after less than one year running …
Has anyone seen a similar thing yet?

Sorry to hear that ReinhessenRocker. Did you try completely powering down and a factory reset?

Sounds very similar to the problem I had with my ND555 a few weeks ago it ended up back at Naim turned out to be a relay problem.

Fortunately my dealer loaned me a NDS to use whilst the ND was away see if your dealer can loan you something to use.

It sounds like a relay failed, i had this on my nd555… i got a new one.

No factory reset, only a couple of complete power-downs, Richard.

The NDX 2 is back from repair. It really turned out that a relay for muting the output was defective. I hope this is related to a bad lot of relays, since it happened to several new streamers. I don’t want to send it back in a year again …

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Had the same with my ND555.

Yes same with my nd555…i spoke with Steve Sells and Naim will eventually ditch this relay as the supplier has been less than helpful. It should do several million switches before failure.

Same thing just happened to my NDX 2… it also is about 1 year old. This is the 2nd piece of gear I’ve had to return for service this year. This gear is pricey… it’s a little tiring. As luck has it I haven’t yet sold my NDX 1… so that will be pressed into service and at least I’m not without audio in the living room.


Just made the same experience on a brand new NDX 2 within the first 24hrs. One channel completely gone on the DIN output, however, Cinch still works. Device will be replaced shortly…

Hm wonder if that is what have happened to my SN3. One channel totally dead when unmuting it. I’ve always felt it got stuck in mute. Repair in January so let’s see.

Oh no, I have bought the SN3 together with the NDX2. I don’t like repairs…

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Disappointing that Naim still having problems with the particular switch from their supplier, mine failed almost a year ago, same problem.


I’m starting to feel lucky, not flash QA for sure.

Things like this can happen, sometimes you get a bad lot. Naim should drop some loan units in their network so that people do not have to suffer from this while waiting probably weeks for a repair…

I am not a technician but I also feel a little suspicious about repair units. Don’t these print boards come from automated factories with soldering robots? But the repair will be done by a human, maybe that does not come with the same accuracy in a sense? Just speculating - would be a shame for a brand new unit anyway…

I spoke to Steve Sells about this. The supplier of the switch that fails does not want to own the issue. Naim have tried other brands of switches but they sound inferior. So Naim are between a rock and a hard place. Steve said he would have to redesign to get around the issue, but this switch is in a lot of Naim products!

Bit daft of whatever company this is IMO. Anyone know who it is?

No idea, they are probably made in their millions and Naim take a few thousand…so the supplier does not care. But stupid all the same.

…a bit like the humming transformers that apparently sound better too!

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And also knowingly selling products with a defect, which if it was my purchase, I wouldn’t be happy about.