Outside diameter of Olflex classic 100

I have decided to have a go at making my own mains cable for my aria using a kit from MRCU. I would like to use a braid cover for the Olflex classic 100 cable but I have no idea what diameter I need. I would be very grateful if anyone who has used this cable could measure and report back.

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Have you tried Google and Lapps own .pdf?
Assuming you have 3 cores at 2.5mm csa, looks like 10mm.

There is more than one Olflex Classic 100.
I have Classic 100 CY 2.5mm/2 … 3 core
Its rated at 450/750 volts & 26 amps
The external Diameter is 11.8mm

Re connecting the screen; to work as an effective screen it must only be connected at the earth (ground) terminal at the power input end only & left floating at the appliance end.
It needs to act like an earth grounded conduit, but if its connected at both ends it becomes part of (parallel with) the E (earth) conductor.

Thanks Guys, I did google but I came up with 11.8 mm. I thought that this may not refer to the correct MCRU version as they say that their small shrink sleeves should be used and this is for diameters less than 10mm!

That’s why I said there is more than one, mine is 11.8mm & is not whatever version is sold by MCRU

Is the cable itself ( I’ve not looked) screened? If so use that, earthed at the plug end. If not…get some decent screen stuff. I like the belben. But that’s hard to find right now.

Yes Olflex is screened. and as I said a previous post connect only at the power end.
TBH a screened power cable doesn’t do much (if anything) for audio SQ, but I have a screened cable as it runs parallel & a few cm’s separation to an ethernet.

I have the same cable 2.5mm2 and it is 11.8 or 12mm so you need a larger opening plug. I used missing link which will take up to 14mm and the mcru plugs can take around 12mm i think but not certain. The smaller offlex 1.5mm2 is around 10mm i think and the 1mm2 cable is 8mm diameter so it all depends on conductor diameter within the cable.

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