Outstanding purchases of new music 2019...why, and what else is like it

This thread last year seemed to go well so here we go again.

The idea is to share something that you’ve bought that is new music rather than a remaster and that is a bit special. Good to also write a bit about it and maybe make some other recommendations on the back of it too.

The whole principle is to help people find new music. It worked for me last year.

First of 2019 from me

William Tyler: Goes West

Latest instrumental album from ex Lambchop guitarist. Electric and acoustic, a less country influenced sound and more layered album than Modern Country/Deseret Canyon that I also own. Subtle contributions and backing make some tracks sound more upbeat too. Overall very pleasing, and a definite development of his sound.

It is on Bandcamp, alongside most of the back catalogue.

If someone shows me how I’ll embed the video clip from the link below too!

Cheers Bruce


Loved it, it’s on my list

Any similar suggestions?

Steve Gunn’s new album out last week. Or for that matter anything by Steve Gunn.

Cheers Andy. A new artist to me so I’ll explore

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