Ovator 800 active ports

For any Ovator 800 owners @darkbear

I’m making up some wiring diagrams for my Kit and have taken this shot from the NAIM website. Are the ports in this image correct? LF2 shows the positive and negative opposite to the LF1 and BMR. On the back of my S800 they are all the same. Is it a mistake in the official photograph?

Thanks Pete

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@916SPS - There is no image in your post… :thinking:

Just added. I think that Naim tried to show ports for left and right speakers in the one image - bit confusing though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the correction :+1:

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Ovator 800 panel

What mine has. Mine was one of the first they sold - perhaps they changed it later, but there was not a long production run.



Just checked mine again left has positive terminal on the left … as in you image and the right has the positive terminal on the right

Thank you Pete

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