Ovator S-400 BMR failure?

Aren’t KEF Reference woofers flat like those BMR ?

Very different in design and application. The BMR operates across a very wide bandwidth from mid to high frequencies.

Ah ha

I remember my dealer saying when installing an active pair the bass was inadvertently not connected. It was not immediately that noticeable as the BMR covers such a wide range. Though once connected, much better.

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What happened with your BMR, after all.
Did you replace it or fixed it?


@Jimf909 another one here interested in an update as per Vaggoz’s post - perhaps when you have an opportunity, there are a few of us interested - nay anxious to know what you might have managed to glean on the issue of your BMR difficulties - some positive news hopefully?

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Update on my BMR failure:

Back in August I opened a ticket with Focal-Naim NA and they responded promptly that a replacement matched BMR pair was available for $535 shipped. I submitted an order and the order was shipped next day. It arrived safely in what appeared to be an old Naim box that had been reused. I believe the BMRs are dated 2014. I’ve been away from the Ovators for a few weeks but when I get back I’ll proceed with the install.

This is the second time I’ve used Focal-Naim support, the other was to replace a display, and both times the service was outstanding. Because of the availability and support I didn’t have to ping my dealer to help problem solve.

“It makes me wonder if the OP was going to uncomfortable listening levels.”
Yes, this was user error. The system recently moved from a 12’ x 16’ room with a 7’ ceiling to a 30’ x 40’ room with an 18’ foot peaked ceiling (it’s a crazy big room in a log home and may not be the final resting spot for this system). Further, I wasn’t paying close attention and woke the next morning to shame and regret.

@sound-hound , @Vaggoz


For fellow Ovator owners, this is great news that you can continue to enjoy yours. I almost daren’t speculate on just how many more units are available! Maybe a moment to set the volume limiter, if you are using the app.
I suspect there will be a run in period, perhaps best set playing music 24/7 - not tooo loud, for a week or a few weeks!
Please keep us all updated, well done and thanks for taking the opportunity to bring good news.

edit - I recently managed to bag a bargain pair of young 606s, which are to replace Linn speakers in my av system. However I shall be auditioning first in lieu of S400s with my NC222 + NC250 (no ps) to get an idea of the different sound. Ultimately I may choose 808s for my active system, when the S600s are retired (I already have the appropriate snaxo).


As the owner of a pair of S-600s, this thread made me curious regarding the S/H availability of the speakers. Here in NA, there appears to be none for sale on the usual sites.

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Great news mate!!!
I really love my s-600 & i can’t even imagine the possibility living without them.


In uk there have been maybe nearly half a dozen S400s offered in last year, one set which haven’t sold at, imho a significant high price (compared to other offerings). S600 - maybe one or two pairs at most - before that almost none for some time!

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I’ve had the evil thought of buying another pair but a) in this case it seems that hoarding rare parts is bad form and b) I’d think that the good people at Naim might embargo all sales to me.

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I had to replaced BMR units of my S600 2/3 times either on the left and right one, last time something like 4/5 years ago. It was not a total failure but a sort of sibilance of the unit @2800/3000 hz. The cost was around 1700/1800. Since then, crossing fingers, they performed faultlessy

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I’m pleased to hear Naim can support Ovators
I thought not.

This is happy news for me and my S400.
If I could order a set of spare BMR I’d do it right away.
Lovely loudspeakers


I had a BMR failure on one of my Ovator 400s a few years ago. The dealer replaced it under warranty with no charge.

I wonder whether there is something in the BMR that makes it vulnerable to sudden, unexplained failure. Certainly in my case it was fine one day and dead the next without any overdriving.

Probably no more than whatever causes tweeters and even regular drive units to fail, with no apparent warning. Something I’ve been a bit unlucky with of late!

Commiserations Richard, dare we ask what bad luck has befallen you? Hopefully whatever it is, it can be fixed, bit close to the holiday season! From your nice system pics, is there enough duplication / redundancy to tide (excuse the pun) you over?
I don’t recall you have Ovators, so my twitchiness with comments such as yours on this thread, doesn’t make for any real comfort, perhaps no way to avoid the unexpected! Good luck.

Most recently I lost a tweeter on my SL2s - luckily Jason G saved the day and sent me a spare set. A few hours strip down and a bit of soldering later and they’re back to normal again.

I also lost a mid/bass driver on my Minstrels - not uncommon with the Royd drivers.

Normally the fix. At least that’s what I’ve found from experience…

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