Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

Hi forum,
anyone know if Naim supplied these in Natural Ash? I would love a pair to match my full fat Fraim. I have been reading up on the Ovators and they sound like a very intriguing speaker indeed, of course i have no experience with how they sound and have only seen them in the flesh, once. I’ve read many mixed opinions on them but i can’t ever imagine that Naim would produce a speaker that i personally wouldn’t like the sound of.

Some here may know my enthusiasm for n-SATs which i have been enjoying immensely and i can’t ever see me parting with them. However, every now and then i’d like to wheel out a pair of floors-standers when feeling in a party mode. S-400s seem to fit that bill. What do you reckon? Or shall i let the hankering just wear off? It’s been over two years now :thinking:

I don’t think so. Would cherry do you?

Difficult to get some of these hifi ideas from the mind without actually getting them over and done with. Reminds me of that Elton John song from Caribou……Ticking

Remember Mama said
ticking, ticking

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If you love what your n-SATs do why change?

If you can’t get the Ovators out of your mind, try and find a pre-loved example at a dealer and see if you can arrange a home demo, or buy with a return option if they don’t work out for you.

Not sure they came out in oak Stephen

I had a pair in cherry

They are certainly different from the ”normal”naim speakers and not necessarily in a bad way at all

I quite liked them and probably didn’t give them enough time before I moved onto Neat speakers

Evidently they were a tough sell here in Australia and NZ

I think you will find polarising opinions on them

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Sorry guys - correction Natural Ash

I’ve edited my post.

Only cherry and rosewood Stephen - I remember now

They are a great looking speaker in the flesh so to speak

Funny you should bring this up, I did enquire about them recently to my naim dealer as was thinking about an oak/ash pair - they are pretty cheap these days

I’ve been looking Nigel, they don’t seem to come along that often. Either Naim didn’t sell that many or those that have them don’t want to let them go. I’m disappointed Naim stopped building speakers, other makes don’t seem to float my boat. Naim speakers are different.

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Weren’t big sellers Stephen

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Ah ok, that pretty much drops them for me then. Shame.

My dealer has a 2011 pair in cherry.

How would you describe them to n-SATs? Some say n-SATs are better - i find that quite astonishing and hard to believe.

Friend of mine has the rosewood pair - he loves them and I must admit on the end of his 282/250 they sound pretty damn fine in his room - easy to drive

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Nah - they trash the nSATs Stephen

nSATs are a wonderful speaker for what they are and like you I will never part with mine

The Ovators are in another class

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See if you can locate a pair to have a listen to

You may well fall in love with them and can always get a piano black finish by an expert restorer

Now that would be something


I have 600’s and look to have them done in red gloss :slight_smile:

You know the answer really. They are large and heavy speakers and totally unsuited to be wheeled out now and again. Unless your room is a decent size they will look overpowering.

If the Sats are as good as you believe they are, you probably wouldn’t be hankering after different speakers. Just a thought. If money is burning a hole in your pocket, why not give it to the DEC.

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Hi James hope you are well.

This is slightly off topic however, I have Ovator S- 400 and in the light of your comment on distance from the back wall do you have any information on the optimal distance they should be placed.

ATB Graham.

The hankering is growing ever more Bevo :slightly_smiling_face:

Truth is i love the look of the Ovator and after reading up on them i find their design really interesting.

Hi Stephen there’s a pair going for what looks like a good price at a 2ndHandHifi dealer up in the north-east sitting by a well known river that’s not the Tyne - sorry for the slightly cryptic nature but not sure if I’m allowed to “NaimNaims" as it were
Good luck with your hunting :sunglasses:

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