Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

Yes that is certainly something to consider here, my room is small. It’s a bit weird, i don’t need a big speaker here in my room but one that is very well controlled, effortless and are totally musical. Of course n-SATs fit that bill very well indeed. I think it’s more of an aesthetic thing more than anything. Also i think my system is able to give more in terms effortless grace and power. I love the ‘full’ Naim sound and something keeps on gravitating me towards the Ovator S-400. In a very light coloured veneer as i don’t think i’ll be able to get them past SWMBO. Also my Fraim is Natural Ash with Black Spacers - i think my rack looks well cool, with Ovators in the same livery things would look even cooler.

Second from left in this picture would suit perfectly::heart_eyes:

Does your friend have them out in the open far from a rear wall? That maybe a bit of a struggle here for me if they need a lot of space, like a lot of space. Most i could do here is maybe 40cm. Side walls aren’t a problem.

I remember further down my journey - somewhere mid “noughties” I plumped for a pair of Dali Helicon 400’s on the end of an mf kw550 amp and kw sacd player and living in a very small cottage with an equally small lounge and using a carefully chosen wiring loom of a Viking origin and getting amazing sounds - but that was I met my current better half and things were toned down shall we say!

Ah well at least I’m going in the right direction now! :smiley::smile::grin:

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Hi Graham - all good thanks. Hope the same with you.
On positioning, Only what’s in the manual - how do you have yours ?


I’ve found this coloured veneer on the web - are these a customised finish?

Can i put a special order in?:rofl:
Seriously they look really amazing.

That’s the ash finish. If you want some you’ll just need to keep a watch in the usual places. I’d try cutting a couple of cardboard boxes to the same size and then see how they look. They will need 20 to 30 cm behind them.

Maybe create a wanted post on the fishy forum you never know who’s watching.

They do look nice in Ash :+1:

The only problem is that you may have the same problem as before with your ex Neat, the neighbours will probably complain. Or maybe the bass will be better controlled…

If all you want is a pair of fun speakers to “wheel out” for parties then forget the S-400s and look for a pair of big JBLs (4310s or 4311s upwards). Your parties will never be the same again, I guarantee.

If, however, you’re looking for a pair of speakers to replace the n-Sats then by all means give the S-400s a listen. I liked them on the end of a CDX2 and Supernait, and better yet when a Hicap was added to the mix. Quite different to n-Sats though, and needed more space around them and behind them to work well.


All good here James…28cm from a solid wall.

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His are about 30-40cm from back wall , it’s a big room and work really well with the 282/250

As our leader says they are totally different to the nSATs

Need to give them a listen as per usual

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I might be wrong but I don’t think the s400 came out in the ash finish

Only the s600 and s800

This is the 400 in ash. Most seem to be cherry or black zebrano, but there’s also rosewood, white and…. ash.


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If you want to switch on party mode you should get an N-Sub to go with your Sats. You can turn it on or off with the remote, and switch between different presets. A party mode profile with slightly exaggerated bass can be fun for occasional use.

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They certainly are available in Ash… here are mine

Wilco Johnson sounding mighty fine through them at this moment


Yay! They do exist, i thought i was going bloody mad for a minute. Ash are the ones for me. Thanks guys!:heart_eyes::pray:

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Have a word with Winchester Hifi, think they have some and they do home demos so you could see if they work for you at least.

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Yes i’m on the look out Chris. Just thought that the Ovators could be wheeled in as a stop gap, or even a solution. Saying that, I’m rather happy with n-SAT’s, without a SUB. But…the hankering never stops😳

They look rather gorgeous …i should’ve snapped them up. The only thing that put me off was the sockets looked a little butchered, but maybe they could’ve been replaced? Damn!

…the Ovator S-400 are fabulous speakers and ran them with my Nait XS 2 and SN 2 and I am sure you would enjoy them.

I do enjoy my ProAc D30RS speakers more and traded in my Ovator speakers for them… the good news was the Ovators kept their value and the trade in was close to what I paid for them.

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