Ovator S400 Speaker Fault

Hi there Naim Forum Community.

This is my first post on the new forum and I wish it was a happier one.
Today one of my Ovator S400 (2015) speakers has developed a fault.
There’s only sound for high frequency. Both mid & base are absent.
I have tried a second pair of speakers and all ok.
My initial thoughts were directed at the ‘floating’ terminal block however could it be something else e.g crossover or dry joint.
Have any other forum members experienced something similar and what was the remedy.

Hi Hallowed,

If both bass units aren’t working but the BMR is, that would rule out the input sockets. So I would think the problem lies with the crossover, as it’s fairly unlikely to be two popped bass drivers.
Unless your amp has gone DC at the output, but you say another speaker is ok.


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