Ovator S600

A bit of a long shot this, but i am after the standard base with the crossovers built in as i run active at the moment.
The reason for this is that a very good friend of mine is thinking of selling his 500 non dr and i would like to try it, but can’t right now.
I am about to get 2 x 300 non dr amps, but this single 500 would work out cheaper.
Having never heard the 500 running S600 or even a pair of 300’s i am at a bit of a loss to which direction to go in.
But having the standard base would be nice to have even if i decided to stay active and before anyone suggest running 2 x 500 is 100% a no go.
Plus i would look at getting the 500 dr’ed at some point in the future as i would do the 300’s.
Do you think naim might still any? Or am i pushing my luck even thinking that.

I run my S600 passive with one NAP500DR. When I first bought the S600 I used NAP300 (non-DR), then upgraded to NAP500 (non DR). It was much better than the 300. Before the S600 I had SBLs run active from NAC52 with 4 x 135 amps. I thought that I would really need to run the S600 Active (and would still love to try) but to be honest I am extremely pleased with how it is now. I have no plans to go active.
What amps are you using currently to give you active S600?
I think that you would not be disappointed with the 500 running passive, and you would still have the option in the future of going active.


Well a bit like you i ran sbl’s but with 2 x olive 250’s, i still use the 250’s but they have been played with. I would love to try this 500 on them but as said i can’t.
I could run the 500 and a 250 i guess but i want to see what they are loke passive

I have not heard the Ovator 600s with a 500, but I run active with 3 x NAP 300DR’s - exceptional sound. I initially ran passive (crossovers in the loft) but they are very different in active mode. The DR gives better bass control, compared with the non DR version.

All great guys but i really need to find some standard crossovers to do the test with and i feel thats going to be difficult to come by

Dunc, many Ovator owners upgraded to Active in the past. I would give a ring to the bigger dealers, and / or put an ad on some places. There must be passive crossovers around. It requires some soldering to get them in.

Why not just call Naim and ask?

Soldering not a problem

I will ring naim tuesday, as i sort of said in my first post
But this 500 if it ever gets connected to my system, had better be good

Dunc, to ensure this thread stays within forum rules, you should contact your dealer or Naim directly.

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I got a 500/552 unDRed recently. I was only looking for a 552, but the pair came from the same owner. The 500 will not disappoint. Mine won’t be DRed until next service in about 12 years.


Well it looks like it doesn’t matter anymore as he has changed his mind and is getting the DR upgrade on it, o well i guess i will just have to be happy with the 300’s

Hi Richard, i didnt except anyone to have a pair that they would sell me, it was more do you think i will find a pair and would naim themselves have any or was i being silly asking them

A great shame as I can see you are drawn to the idea.

Well was willing to give it a go, but what with the hassle of trying to find bases and now the 500 is not going to be available, i dont see much point going any further, yes i could borrow it i guess but as it would be Dr probably by then, then thats even more reason not to go any further

I got the impression from the old forum that that one biggun passive was often preferrable to a couple of little 'uns active.

I preferred the S600 Active and presently run S800 Active.

But the driving Amp makes a big difference and the 500 is better than the 300 and imparts its authority - but Active is far better than Passive and gives its own speed and immediacy to the music.

So there is no ‘better’ on a single scale of assessment, but a personal choice depending on personal preference. The Active qualities are not put back in by using a 500 Passive instead of two 300 Active - and conversely two 300 Active do not equal one 500 Passive.

People like things simple ‘better and worse’ but it really is not like that. I now run mine Active with 500DR as I really like Active and the 500DR. I had the chance of Passive Statement Amps instead - cannot afford Active Statement.

I have heard Statement Passive and they do things that my Active 500DR configuration does not do - but my Active 500DR is faster and does things the Passive Statement does not do, so I stayed with Active 500DR as my preference - but do readily see why many would prefer the other path.

Also the Active system option was less expensive when considering 500DR vs Statement and at some point you have to decide where your hobby funds go - for me they were better spent on the source upgrade to ND555.


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Very nice post, DB. By the way, you are guilty of me buying active Ovators. Never regretted it in 2 years now.

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Cheers all
As i have been an active guy for many years, i have 100% decided to stay active.
I like the way it just sounds (so fast and alive) so why go hunting for anything else? Yes my system on 2 x500dr amps would be great i guess, but for the massive outlay that would be, would it be money well spent? I guess if you have the money then why not, but for me it wouldn’t be money well spent.
So getting back to active, i run 2 modified olive 250 amps, as mentioned i am looking at getting 2 x 300 non dr amps that i would over time get serviced and dr’ed to run on my 52/sc and s600, now i dont think i would ever add a 3rd amp (300) to my system due to cost and rack space, but i could buy 3 x 250dr amps now instead of the 300’s and be done.
But i feel the 300’s are still the way to go or are they if i run 3 instead of 2?
Any advise on that would be great as a home demo on the different amp set ups might be a challenge

I initially ran the S600s active with two 300’s, adding a third later. Whilst I have retained it, I do not think it adds that much over the two power amps.