Ovators and 3 amps, boy O boy

Well just added a 3rd amp to my system, wasn’t expecting much after reading up about it, but must say how wrong i was, the mid range is just massively better and i guess 1 x 250 doing 4 drive units was just too much for it.
So pleased i just went for it and anyone running 2 amps on these speaker, please just try it. I guess the lower powered amps might give the most improvement as being pushed harder, but as i have said a massive difference

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Thanks @Dunc
Keep us posted … I keep thinking I could look for a 2nd hand 250 as I can’t stretch to more 2x135s

Do it and there are a few for sale at the moment.
I am quite shocked by the improvement and looking even more now to what the amp upgrade will bring

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I’ll speak to my dealer …

Been listening tonight and pleased to say its still sounding great.
Such an uplift in quality i just can’t believe it as it sounded great before, even faster, more lively and the vocals/mid range are even better.
As you can tell i am simply blown away with what the 3rd amp has done to my system, its like it wasn’t quite right before even though it sounded great and goes to show you need to try for yourself rather than reading about it.

I think you hit on the reason here. The 250 is a good Amp but as easy as the Ovator is to drive, they do really scale-up their performance with better or more Amps. I ran my S600 with 3x 300 then 3x 500 and heard each upgrade as very large. Then I swapped to S800 with the 3x 500 and did the 500DR upgrades and that was a large upgrade - and that is as far as I can afford in this life.

The BMR is an easier load to drive than the two Bass units and splitting these two Bass units between two Amps means each Power Amp only needs half the current for the same drive voltage and volume - and also sees an easier load to drive. It means the Amp gets an easier time and the distortion should be a lot lower - as distortion increases with demand on the Amp.

Nice to hear a success story! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you did have the funds DB, what would tempt you?, active statement mono blocks, different speakers…just curious.

Statement - no-brainer. The S800 is not the weakest link and Apart from the S1 Pre in my system is probably the next strongest link.

IMO people presume their speaker is the weak link far too often - it is not what I found. One thing speakers do need is long-term maintenance which people either don’t do or do it very badly - then they decide they need new speakers!

The thing is that suits the Speaker Manufacturers and Dealers to sell new product and everyone is happy, even the new owner who does not realize they did not ‘need’ new speakers - especially if they had the feeling they once were better. That is not to say real gains cannot be had with better speakers and significant upgrades possible, but you should near-max-out your amps and be using a top of range source before thinking speakers are the weak link - especially if you already have large full-range modern speakers.

Maintenance is about every three or so years re-checking all securing drive bolts are at the torque setting the manufacturer specifies for them - not way-less, not uneven and definitely not arbitrarily higher - the latter is what I usually hear done wrong when the owner has just done them by hand - they usually sell them after that as it ruins the performance.

So in my case the Active set of 500DR are wonderful and personally preferred to running my S800 Passive with Statement - but Active Statement would be a lot better - just financially out of my league, even if I went back to work out of Retirement now for the rest of my life, so I will just enjoy things as they are. :bear:

I have a friend with a much more modest but very carefully put-together Naim Active system with 272-SNAXO-2x250 (old style) driving home-made speakers - and he obtains incredible performance from it. The key was careful attention to detail in set-up, Snaxo level-balance and speaker bolt torque - the latter really made them come alive when you get them just right and not too-tight.

You can achieve a lot with a good set of speakers - especially run active.


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Thanks DB…i guess we can dream, but out of my league as well. Agree on the speakers its surprising what can be coaxed out of quite modest speakers with good front end and amps.

:small_blue_diamond:Darkebear,…I love reading your posts,…It’s like I’m reading in my own brain :wink:.
It may seem,.that I repeats myself too much,.as well…some do not care.
But what you write about “Attention To Detail”,…it is so important.

If you are not careful with your installation, and the maintenance of the music-system…and the system costs £100 000:-.

Yes,.then will your friend’s music-system, as “only” costs £10 000:-,but he has installed optimal and maintains good,play significantly better.
Unfortunately,…that is the simple truth.

That’s why,.I as an example,becomes so “depressed” :wink:,when I see a huge piece of furniture between the speakers.
The idea of “wasted money”,.then pops up in my head.

:small_orange_diamond:So Darkebear,…Continue with your posts,.here you have a loyal “followers” :smiley:


Well I learn something most days on the forum, but your post @Darkebear about speaker maintenance is a real eye-opener for me.

I have never seriously considered a maintenance overhaul on my speakers tbh. Silly now I have read your post. It’s automatic we get our Naim boxes serviced, but I have neglected my speakers totally. Not sure what to do about that, but being aware is half way there I guess

Steve :+1:

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Well just tried it back on 2 amps, as wanted to be 100%
Well i can say 3 amps on S600 make a big difference, as i have already said may be if you have 2, 500 amps then it might be less off a difference adding a 3rd, but at the lower levels it makes a very nice improvement, now 2 of my olive amps are far from standard with the 3rd being standard for now and tried it on the bmr and different bass units and put it on the lower one as on the bmr it lost detail.
But interesting to try these things out and looking forward even more now to getting all 3 amps sorted to the same level

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