Ovators channel down -

In case of a disaster with my active pair, I already have a Snaxo for Kudos, just as a precaution, acquired when Snaxo was discontinued.

It will also be interesting to learn if OP was unlucky or if a power surge of some form, including mains or sound derived, was the likely cause.


Everyone welcome here, Rich.
It could affect any of us owners of the Ovators range, passive or active.
Glad you’re enjoying yours with no issues.:sunglasses:

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Tony, I don’t use Ovators but not relevant for this bit of advice. For my main speakers, a damaged pair of the same model crossed my path with significant cabinet damage but not a scratch on the drive units or crossover. I snapped them up for spares (absolute peanuts they went for). You don’t need to find another pair in good condition, just another pair with the BMRs in good condition.

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I think part of the problem with that is, it was unlikely not much of a seller, I don’t think any Naim speakers ever were.

It would certainly stick in the craw spending 1k + for a pair of speakers just for the bmrs

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It will be very interesting to hear how the possible repair goes.

Knowing that Naim no longer stock replacement BMR drivers (at least of the type in the S400), that sourcing alternative replacements could be a real challenge and that the BMR is the potential failure point of the design, I would suggest finding a repair method is essential to the residual value of the Ovator range. Would one really want to pay circa £1500 for used S-400s or about £1000 more for S-600s knowing that when the BMR fails, the pair essentially becomes one speaker and a box of parts?