Over-ear headphones for IPhone?

For no hassle over-ear headphones (or maybe they’re on-ear, not sure off top of my head) I’d recommend Apple AirPods Max. They’re cordless and have a noise cancelling feature which could be useful in hospital, and a surprisingly decent sound. Best wishes.


General rule in a hospital is nothing white in your ears. Put them down on sheets, pillows and side tables and you’ll struggle to find them again especially if your mobility is not initially great.

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Probably Sony -they touch base at many prices.

Hope all goes well with your hospital stay

The point about White things is well-made. I have enough trouble at home when I drop one of my Apple AirPod Pro 2 earbuds when in bed . A hospital situation will have even more White.

I have a pair of. Focal Elegia phones which I use with Molo2/poly, the sound is fantastic, however for listening in bed the cables are a pain.

I suggest non white wireless NC headphones.The choice of which ones depends on budget.

Good luck!


I use Shokz OpenRunSE bone conduction headphones as they allow me to hear the world around me whilst out and about, these could also be helpful if the doctor is asking you questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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I find it rude when I keep my headphones on when talking to someone in the first place. When someone is going to convey important information to me, I most certainly will turn everything off and focus on that. I’m not against the bone conducting kind, but I’d still switch them off whilst listening to someone. Then again, I pause anything I’m watching on screen when I pick up my phone as I’m terrible at multitasking :wink:

That said, I would also point to a pair of noise cancellation headphones, the Sony, B&W, Bose offerings are decent sound quality, have good battery life and good NC. And, if someone does ‘borrow without returning’, you won’t feel as bad as with the more expensive options.

Hope everything turns out OK in hospital and you feel better soon :slight_smile:

I’ve now had audiologists recommend not contemplating bone conduction as it’s an active encouragement to excess volume. Object of the exercise here would be to shut out the outside world whilst in hospital where rest can be difficult and yet contributes so much to recovery.


Thanks for all the thoughts everybody. I’m in tomorrow evening… been leant a pair of Bose over-ear noise cancelling head phones which will do the job nicely…

I’m in for a week for a hip replacement (my second!). So there’s a lot of films going to be watched…

See you all on the other side.


Good luck. Hope it all goes okay.

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They will do the job nicely!

Be well :slight_smile:

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All the best Neil

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