Overheating NAP250DR

And does that work above 12 o’clock?

It might be a good idea to get a sound level meter so you know if/ when you might damage your ears. It is also helpful if you want to level match different sources or speakers. I know I tend to listen between 75 and 80 dB at the listening position.

It might be a good idea to read my previous replies.

Given the long existence of the 250, with historic awareness if overheating problems (and cutting out of music when playing is definitely a problem!), I am moved to wonder why Naim don’t use more effective heatsinking, e.g fins at the sides or rear, which would reduce the tendency to cut iut when playing loud. It does seem that the rated power may be overstated as it may not be available continuously without additional assistance to keep the amp cool.

(I say ‘may’ because in descriptions here there is no hard data to confirm the power level at which the amp cuts out after running for a while.)


Are the ATC 19 so power hungry ?

they are hard to drive IME…the SCM 19…

The ATC 40 isnt an easy load either for a NAP 250 at loud volumes and it might go out of breath.

The OP has now no need to raise the volume so i guess the problem should solve itself but the OP may consider easier to drive speakers ( requiring less current ) or consider a subwoofer…

Anyway - my 2 pence - based on personal experience of a close friend.

Or consider a different amp if the speakers give exactly what he wants apart from the ability to play louder for longer (should he ever want to be free to do that)?

11 o’clock with…

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12 o,clock with:

1 o’clock with:


I listen to music at loud volumes quite frequently …but I have only once had the fans turn on (sun beating down on the monoblocks and loud/ bassy music). To resolve the issue, I closed the doors of the Click cabinet, reducing ventilation but excluding those pesky photons (it was a very hot and sunny day)…and have not had the same problem since. My feeling is that if the fans did come on, I would be quite disturbed by the thought that my amps are struggling. My speakers are nominally 4 Ohms and speaker cable is 6 metres copper untwisred 4cm squared.

2 O’clock???

3 O’clock…


Or this:
Liquid nitrogen cryogenic cooler - as you can see includes its own version of Fraim

This is to expected - I had the same problem with my chrome bumper 250. The only real option is to get another amp - I went to 135s which cured it. Strangely I have now “downgraded” to a Nova which has never cut out on me.
When I demmed the Nova the dealer complained it was the loudest dem he had ever had. I don’t listen at extreme volume all the time but if an amp can’t handle a party it’s no use to me!


Never had a Naim power amp shut down due to overheating or a volume control which would be luckty to get to 11 o’clock. Thats with a 250 olive through 135s and my 500DR. I have only managed to get the 500 fan/s to come on just before my ears shut down, and that’s into B & W 802D3s. The 135 fans could idle in the summer when it was very hot.
My 500 is in a cupboard and tends to run warm. Asking Jason Gould about this his reponse was our products are designed to work in Norway as well as Singapore. Not to worry.

Haven’t needed to use this since moving the system into a smaller room, but in the larger room with the 250 driving Gale 401s it kept the amp well within its comfort zone and I felt actually improved the sound (better bass control) as a result.

It’s just a dummy shelf, with a 12v computer cooling fan inserted directly below where the regulator and amp boards are situated inside the 250s casework. The fan was powered by a small linear wall wart supply with switchable output voltage, the 6v setting being plenty to keep the amp cool and with the fan running almost silently.


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