Overlooked albums, (a blast from the past)

Having ripped well over 3000 CD’s to my server, I decided that they were taking up unnecessary space on the shelves, and decided to archive them, placing them in CD-sized clear plastic wallets and thence into storage boxes.

When I moved to streaming, I was quite taken with the fact that all my music was there at my fingertips, via the iPad / Naim app.

Strange though, that many albums seem to get skimmed past, and I’m finding that the act of transferring the CDs from the jewel cases is leading to the realisation that “haven’t played that in years

It’s been a somewhat tedious process, and not at all therapeutic :roll_eyes:, but has served to draw my attention to several great albums which had previously been largely ignored.

Oh, and as a bonus, I checked with my local authority, who confirmed that the horrible jewel cases will not go to landfill, but are burnt cleanly to provide energy, so that’s nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


I often get my wife to sit in and choose the music as i know i end up playing the same music all the time. She has a knack of digging out some great old music that i have forgotten or just deliberately overlooked.


Since ripping my CDs to a Zen I was surprised at the number I’d forgotten that I possessed. I’m now playing a far wider sample of my collection than I was before.


Do let us know which albums you’ve rediscovered

Not actually my album, my wife used to run a dance class, every Sunday evening she would sit with a pile of cassettes and cue up the tracks she was going to use the next night on a Sony boombox.
I have been making random choices since starting the Poundland journey. I cannot recall ever listening to Terence Trent D’arby - Introducing The Hardline… on hifi.
It’s good, I never knew there was a didgeridoo(?) in the mix!


“I cannot recall ever listening to Terence Trent D’arby - Introducing The Hardline… on hifi.
It’s good, I never knew there was a didgeridoo(?) in the mix!”

I used to use this lp as a demo back in the 80’s. I will have to hunt down a copy, I had forgotten how good it was, and I can’t remember a didgeridoo. Must be losing it.

Like a lot of the posters here, I have shunted around 2000 CDs onto my NAS, and also in the process replaced a lot of these albums again as HiRes downloads. A great album that I recently rediscovered is The Blue Nile “A Walk Along The Rooftops”, (not HiRes). I don’t think I have heard this in 30 years. A real surprise.


For me this is where Roon is excellent - the discovery option always throws up something I had not listened to ages. Yesterday it was a John Martin anthology.

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After putting my collection on a Zen what surprised me was the number of CDs I had of a particular artist.
I discovered I had about three times as many Miles Davis and Van Morrison CDs as I thought I owned. Other artists were also up on the CD count. I also discovered I owned three duplicate CDs, they must have been particularly good!


Now John Martyn’s “John Wayne” will test your resolve…


One of my favourite songs of his…

Mmmm - not sure about that. Just listening to it for the first time. I’ll reserve judgment.

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