Overwhelmed ongoing issue not playing Playlists any more via streaming

Hello I have a ND5 XS I want to play my playlists but it just always says Can’t Open Stream.
I have spent hours today trying to sort it out as it would be good to use my laptop and Asset UPNP music library but it stopped working years ago so the only way to get it to play my playlists is by plugging in my iphone which is a pain if someone texts or rings etc.
I have checked the software version and it is 3.20.00 but I wondered if I have to attempt an update and why this can’t be done wirelessly as I don’t know which update to use or if I have the connecting leads etc. I have just moved my item to look at the back and one of the small leads has come out and I don’t even know where that connected to as it was set up for me by Creative HiFi and they have closed now. Can anyone help or advise at all? I wanted to get it sorted for Christmas…but not looking good right now.

Hi Minnie, and welcome to the Forum; we are here to help.

Where are you based? Sounds like we should loop you in with a local Naim dealer.

My Naim Dealer has gone they were fab in Shropshire!
I think I need to update the software on the tuner but again not sure if I have the cables or not and I think the next one from my current 3.20.00 version is the 4.7. I think I just need to put a lead in the back of the Naim to my laptop as my laptop contacts wirelessly… but I am not sure if that is going to solve not playing my Playlists from the Asset UPNP where I have all my music and playlists stored.
I am not sure if the software updates happen in the background but I assume not.

Ideally you need to be on Firmware 4.8 - more details here:

Creative Hi-Fi may be gone, but there’s a new Naim dealer - Listen Audio - in exactly the same spot in Shrewsbury; i’d suggest getting in touch with them for further assistance.

Gosh thank you, I had not noticed it wasn’t empty any more. I will contact them and see if they can do the software update for me. Different team.
Thank you!

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