P8 or P10

Ok, so here is one of those annoying post but here goes!! I am enjoying my P6/Ania with an Aria, SN2 and PMC20.21s. This really seams to suit my room so won’t be upgrading speakers or SN2 for some time. I have got an upgrade itch though and looking at the TT. I love the P6 but believe the P8 with Apheta 3 should be a significant improvement. I have booked an audition with my dealer where I will be comparing the P6/Ania with a P8/Apheta3. The question is should I also audition the P10/Apheta 3? It is significantly more pricey and I know I would get in trouble if I go that route! Is it worth me putting this in the mix? Would I hear much difference? Looking forward to your thoughts. :+1:

Just try both, then you will have the answer. It’s really very simple.


I would think that you do need to listen to both…otherwise you might just get that itch again, sooner or later.

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I have just asked to include the P10 in the demo. Do you think I will hear a significant improvement over the P8 with my current system?

I cannot be sure; I upgraded from a P9 to my P10 and did not listen to the P8. My thinking on this matter is:
The P8 is probably better than the P9.
I know that the P10 is dramatically better than the P9.
I think that you probably need a good long demo. Enjoy your exploration!

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When I moved up from a RP 8 to a RP 10 (both with Apheta 2’s) the biggest change was improvement in stability - a rock solid overall presentation. I think this may in large part be due to the better power supply with quartz-controlled motor, plus the ceramic platter. Well worth the upgrade in my opinion!

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Sorry, this isn’t very original but have you already decided against an LP12? You can build a good start for the cost of an RP10 and if you like an upgrade every few years there are plenty of steps up.

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Yes I have, I’m afraid. I like the install and forget nature of the Regas. I am not into tweeking and adjusting.


I demo’d these decks last Wednesday.
In fact my dealer had three decks lined up,P6,P8,p10.
I have to say that although I thought the P8 was very good,I wasn’t sure it was much of an improvement over my RP6. Ultimately I was blown away by the P10,which I’ll take delivery of next week.I suspect you will hear a big difference between the P8 and P10,will be interesting to see which way you go.

…and remember - you are likely to be more attuned to the differences in your home environment than at a dealer’s showroom.

Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, this. :slight_smile:

I have a 24v P3 with mm, and following good advice on here have upgraded my amp combo to 252/250-2. Following the same good advice that the new combo could make use of a beter source, I’ve been checking reviews and thinking. I’ve finally decided on an upgrade path, P3 with Ania, followed by P8, same Ania, followed by final upgrade to Apheta. The reason is that the P10/Apheta seemed to offer only marginal improvements over the P8, according to the reviews, and some comments on the P10 being too exposing of other system components or even poor recordings.

I think that the Ania is still the first move but I am going to have to get over some time and demo the P8 v the P10 before moving on.

…beware reviews. The longer that I have been interested in all of this (43 years now)…the less relevant I have found reviews. You must be the judge.

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All with exactly the same cartridge …right??

No…I thought not…

Are you asking or telling me? Your seem very presumptuous .

Yes…I am …

Yes…I thought so…

It might be worth remembering in this case that Rega TTs are frequently auditioned and purchased as a package, rather than as a modular exercise. This makes Japimscarlet’s comment much less relevant.

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Whilst I agree with your sentiments about fix and forget, the upgrade path may prove cheaper than trade -ins

I understand the LP12 is now much less of a diva than it used to be where servicing is concerned .

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Does this mean that it was the same?

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I would also advise listening to the Linn. They are pretty much fit and forget these days with maybe a service every five years. You might prefer the Regas which would be great. However, they define a ceiling in performance where the Linn at least allows the front end to grow. I went from R3 to Linn for context.

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