Pacific Audio Fest '23

Anyone make it to this year’s edition? I stopped by Friday afternoon and thought it was nicely improved vs. last year. It seemed more settled for the first day and the rooms sounded better overall compared to the inaugural show last year (bass traps and acoustic panel use were much more evident to my recollection). I am still enamored with the Joseph Audio / Doshi room, but only heard tunes that trended more mellow. Would love to see how the system handles material with a bit more kick. The Acora / Audio Research room also sounded nice - and certainly handled a track or two with kick (Tool). Also enjoyed the NOLA Baby Grand Reference Gold 3 loudspeakers (Paul Simon tracks) powered by VAC mono blocks, but I suppose I should given the price for the speakers alone ($150K USD). The hotel hosting the show is a labyrinth - would give inspiration to the Brothers Grimm.

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Yes that was a good room along with the room with Ansuz/Aavik and those Børresen Z5 speakers. The Naim/Focal presentation would have been better if the focus was on Naim but I’m biased.

If only this audio show was in the dead of winter the attendance would double. Instead they hold it the first week of Summer and everyone (including me) is outside enjoying our brief interlude with the Sun.


Yeah it was tough to stay indoors. I basically made a super quick tour so I could go out and enjoy the weather which was perfect.

Well, they may have heard you. I saw the 2024 show will be in September, so moving in that direction. Not necessarily the rainy season, but we could all be cooped up inside avoiding wildfire smoke in September. :slight_smile:


Sept would be better. It seemed a little early this year to be honest. IIRC last year it was toward the end of July.

September is better, I’d like to see this show succeed.

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Sept is the best month in Seattle.

Nov is the month for this.

Agree the Joseph Audio was the place last year.

Honestly the Naim room was terrible. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

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I didn’t want to say this but yeah it wasn’t great but it was great to see the 200 series. Large hotels rooms with people are hard to get things right. Maybe it was the music selections IDK.

Didn’t make me think about buying that’s for sure.

I also really enjoyed the instrument area last year, had a lovely conversation with a luthier. He found it ironic the cultiness of audio vs difficulty in getting people to come to actual music ie live shows.

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