Pacific Audio Fest (Seattle)

Paid a visit to the Naim Focal room at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle. They had a Statement system fed by a 555 streamer and Solstice turntable. Had a nice chat with the folks from Focal/Naim America and Hawthorne Stereo. Pink Floyd was sounding awfully good played from the Solstice. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest you definitely want to check out the show this weekend.


Interesting speaker combo of sub woofers etc Chris?

They had a separate home theater system set up.

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Stopped by yesterday as well. First time attending an audio show and first time seeing and hearing a statement system - impressive. Solstice looked nice, but only heard a metal tune that another attendee brought with them. I believe the table was still quite new so still settling in. Also was able to listen to a few setups with Magico speakers (again, first time listener) - they live up to the hype. Really enjoyed the Joseph Audio rig - Doshi tube monoblocks and the Joseph Pearl Graphenes.

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I was there today - first time to an audio show, hearing a lot of different systems.

My honest impression was underwhelm - a lot of systems that seemed bloated and overdone. I don’t think the rooms generally worked well, and wondered if the electrical supply wasn’t the best.

I somehow didn’t connect with the Naim/Focal system, which is a bit hard to write since we are talking about the Statement and Solstice. Perhaps the (lack of) synergy with the Focals?

Terrapin, I agree big time about the Joseph Audio setup - sublime. Also, the von Schweikert/VAC system, and a shout out for a pieced together Kuzma/Pilium/Chapman system.

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