‘Padded Cell’ is definitely the right category for this one… Does anyone else paint whilst listening to music?

I am not a good painter by any measure, but I enjoy mucking about with watercolours, acrylics and oils - often whilst listening to music.

I had an urge this afternoon to do something brash and abstract, in oranges and reds, in acrylics.

I was slapping away with Brendel’s Beethoven Moonlight sonata on full blast in my study, totally zoned out and on another plane, but when the last movement kicked in, presto agitato (!), I found myself bashing away in bold, aggressive stokes and in time with the music. It felt quite animal!

The picture is strictly for me, but I am fairly pleased with it and it’s going in a lovely gold frame I have when it’s dry.

I’ll get my coat.


That sounds great.
Don’t think I have ever painted whilst some music was on. Hang on I might have done whilst classic fm was playing on the radio.
I have a bad case of ear worm. I have always Something buzzing round my head. Some paintings get stuck in a rut and listening to something else rich in ear worm fodder helps - think Roxy Music/BF.
Get out there and listen to the great outside.
Sounds and noises that have been found and interpreted by your own reckoning are different to someone else’s interpretation.

I do a lot of painting while listening to music, though mine is confined to eggshell and emulsion.


My painting skills are similar to HH’s (with music always aiding the quality of finish), though I don’t think I’ve ever used eggshell: matt or satin emulsion, gloss or satinwood, or spray enamel…

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I dabble with oils and always to music, generally something chilled out and meditative


Was that one coat or two? :thinking::thinking:


Very good.

You should try using oils. The aromatic effects of turpentine and white spirits may bring more to the party. :face_with_monocle:

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Farrow and Ball for me :grin:

Evil Microsoft removed Paint for a while from Windows 10. Now its back but the useless Paint 3D is still there.

My main system is set up in my studio, I rarely paint without music in the background.

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