Pairing 1st and 2nd gen Muso & QB

Hi all. I have a naim Muso 1st gen - and was thinking of buying the QB 2nd gen. Is pairing fully compatible - or should I expect any issues?

Thank you

If you mean that you want to pair them in a ‘multiroom’ group, it’s not a problem. All Naim streamers are compatible with multiroom.

Thank you!

May I ask you an unrelated question? I subscribe to tidal and have access to master quality audio. Is there any easy way to play high res in Muso 1st gen (e.g. via iPhone cable, via naim app)?

Thanks a ton

Hi, you can’t get Tidal MQA on any Naim streamer. Personally I would use Qobuz if it’s available in your location as it will give you proper lossless 24 bit streams and has native support built into the current Naim streamers, including the 2nd gen Musos.
Obviously that assumes you are going to buy a Muso 2! You can then use multiroom to send the stream to your other Muso.

If I were to buy the qb 2nd generation and use it in the same room as my Muso 1st generation , using Qobuz, would I get 24bit streaming on both devices?

Thank you

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