Pairing a Rega Planar 3 or 6 with Uniti Nova

Hi to all,

I’m considering the idea to re-start playing records again :slight_smile:

Could someone please make some suggestions with regards to the Planar 3 or 6 to pair with the Uniti Nova? Speakers are Dynaudio Special Forty. I could stretch my budget to a Rega Planar 6 with Rega Fono stage and Exact MM element.

By the way, I need to start from scratch but expect to grow and develop a collection the upcoming years.

Therefore, I’d rather aim for the Planar 6 than getting the 3 now and trade for a 6 later :wink:

Many regards,

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I had a super discount on my red P3 and PSU, and it was also the color I was looking for.
I am a bit reaching the limit with the elys2.

I tried the latest version of rega fono, It brought nothing better than SN3 phono so gave it back.

If you do no care about the P6 color then I would recommend you go for it, with psu.

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Remember the nova will turn the output of your phono stage to digital then back again…

Thanks @Hifi-dog I was already aware of that … I assume a full-blown Linn LP12 might be nonsense in this case, but what about the Rega Planar 3 or 6?

By the way: doesn’t Linn do exactly the same in their various DSM boxes?


if you intend to upgrade to separates later then P6 or id stick with the p3 if not and buy more vinyl

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I believe Linn does the same, yes. The Parks Puffin phono pre is does as well, which then allows it a long list of processing options. Still sounds great. Going digital and back isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

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The Planar 3 would be my choice with a good phono stage such as a Graham Slee over the 6 and a Rega Fono

The Rega 3 could be upgraded with a NEO power supply later.

I have a Nova and a ClearAudio Emotion and have no issues with it being digitised .


I run a Planar 3 and Fono into my Nova and am very happy with it. I used to have a Linn LP12 with Cirkus bearing, Itock arm, Lingo 2 and a rebuilt Troika but I don’t really miss it - my Rega set sounds really nice and no trauma about set up and maintenance.


I bought a refurbished P25/Hana EH from Rega dealer it was better than the demo P3 and not far off the P6. Good synergy with Naim on all units.

Thanks everyone for your time and thoughts. I have some time to think about the various options and some auditions are called for.

I’ve long thought about this surely the signal from the TT is in effect neutralised by the quality of the DAC. But then I thought it through and concluded listen to how superior a DG 60s AAD sounds on CD, or the gorgeous colour mix on a Fuji Velvia or Kodachrome looks or the tones from an Ilford FP4 are even when scanned through Fotoshop or what have you?




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