Pairing. ATC SCM11 with Naim Nait 5i

Hello, I wanted to know if someone had tried pairing ATC scm11 with the Naim nait 11 and how does it sound? I have pretty low budget and might be lucky to get a pair of 11s for a decent price. Wanted to know how it sounds. I listen to jazz, funk, vocals at low levels. I have a medium sized room. 13ft x 16ft that’s includes an open kitchen.

Thanks Dandy

Hi Dandy,

I tried some with a 5i and although they didn’t work out for me, the Nait had no trouble driving them at all. My listening room is a very similar size to yours so I think you’d be fine with them?

I ultimately preferred the sound of the Kef LS50 Meta’s with my system but I can totally understand why someone else would prefer them. Can you audition a pair before you buy them?

I meant I have Naim nait 5i not “11”. That was a typo

Hi SS,

Thanks for your input! Being able to drive was a concern for me.

I maybe able to request for an audition. I just wanted some immediate opinions so that I could decide whether to request for an audition or not.

If I may ask you, what is it that you didn’t like about the pairing?


i used scm 11 with a 5si briefly (in the midst of moving to xs2) and was surprised that it sounded pretty good. It struggled at higher vols but for everyday listening it faired ok. The xs2 was better of course, but i then went to neat sx3i which was more suited. I would have another pair of scm11 in a heart beat now with my supernait 3


I have the SCM 11 with a Nova and I am very happy with pairing.

Could you say what source you are using? The SCM 11 is a revealing and quite demanding speaker, and I’m not convinced that a 5si is an ideal match. If you plan to move to say a Supernait and a good source then they should be ok, but from what you write, that doesn’t seem that likely.

Hi Kend,

Thanks for that. I hope my little amp with a 50w output also pairs well with the 11s.


Hi HH,

I have a very modest system. I use a CD player and I stream through a DAC. Which is a schiit Modi Uber 2. The CD player is also connected through the Dac. The Dac also needs an upgrade as it doesn’t do a much better job than when I plug in the source directly to the amp.


What minimum amplifier power do ATC recommend for the SCM 11s?

(Happy SCM 7 owner)

ATC recommend 75 watts, I have heard them sounding good with an atom. It depends on how loud you want to go.

If it helps. I ran a pair of ATC SCM 11s Mk2 with a nait 3, 3.5cdp and flatcap. I was a bit dubious due to the low power of the nait 3 but was really surprised how well they sounded. They did take some time to run in though. Never once had to take the volume past 7 o’clock in a room 13x18ft.


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Not sure that the 11’s are the ideal speaker for low level listening. IMHO they only come alive with a fair bit of volume.

I have SCM11s with an XS2 and they sound superb. There is great review in HiFi Critic in which they were found to be an 8 Ohm load across the frequency range and were phase coherent.

Interestingly they were found to be temperature sensitive sounding much better in ambient temperatures above 19 Celsius.

I would think that you could drive them with a 5Si but an XS2 would be better.

I would give it a try and am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Good luck with them.


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I agree. I think ATCs are superb speakers, but then I’m biased. But they show their pro heritage in being very revealing of source/amp and really coming alive at a decent volume. In my experience this is true even with the Entry models of which the SCM 11 is one. A 5i would probably produce music with 11s but a Nait XS would be better, and a SuperNait better still.



Or a NAP200DR with a NAC152XS and FCXS, but I have still liked your post!


Hi Eddiemac,

It is quite reassuring to know that Nait3 already sounded good with the scm 11. I really want to try it with the scm11 now.


Hi peakman,

I like revealing speakers… will certainly give th speakers a try.


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