Pairing Bose 901s with an Atom?

Is it possible? If so, how does one do it with the Bose Active Equilizer? These are the speakers I have and would like to continue to use them for a bit until I have enough to buy a new pair.

IIRC the EQ box needs to be plumbed into a tape loop or between a pre and power amp. The Atom has no tape loop and is an all-in-one, so no separated pre or power. I’m afraid it looks like you are out of luck.

Kind of what i feared. Thanks for the reply.

Yep Richard is right, I once owned the 901’s and having to use the EQ can be a problem in newer systems.

Alas, I guess I have finally lived to see my Hafler DH-500 amp, and DH-110 preamp, along with my Bose speakers reach their end of life. Oh well, this old dog will have to learn a new trick or two I guess.

You can use the active equaliser between the Atom and a power amp like the NAP100.

I used 901s for years and although universally hated, I confess to loving them and an Atom will drive them to deafening volumes… if you could insert the equaliser. I’ve certainly put them on the end of a NAIT3 before at just 30w.

Because they use full range drivers and no internal crossover, the equaliser, as it is called is actually an active crossover that filters for just one driver type.

If you can pick up a second hand NAP100, or even a recently recapped NAP140, you’re in business.

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