Parlez vous Francais?

Just received an invitation to complete a Focal/Naim customer satisfaction survey. Whilst the invitation was in both English and French, the online questionnaire itself was completely in French :joy:.

@Richard.Dane You might want to nudge the Sales Prevention Team/Marketing Department.

Allons Y!



Moi Aussi.
In the English section of the mail it stated “ *You have been recently in contact with our Customer Service team”. I can’t remember being in contact for over a year (unless this was triggered by the visit to the factory).


Probably a cunning plan to validate their emailing list - if you respond, you’re alive!


Also worth noting that I received deux emails.

Encore un fois, moi aussi !


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C’est la vie !

I received an email from Focal/Naim on Sunday detailed the registration of my ND555 which I bought two years and Naim in Salisbury had already acknowledged at the time.

What is going on?

I wonder if registration and service interaction data is being migrated to the new website and triggering emails.

This is exactly what has happened from what I gather.

The support servers are being migrated and it has triggered some mails.

Naim have told me that, “This is currently being investigated by the third party managing the migration, but for now, any emails received from service.client@, or support@, can be ignored.”

Likewise any invitation to complete a Focal/Naim customer satisfaction survey can also currently be ignored.


Merci Richard.

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I’m pretty certain that my questionnaire was in English, albeit slightly strange. The last time I spoke with customer support was last December, the result of that conversation being a replacement Nova, which wasn’t what I was expecting. In that basis, I’d give them six stars.

Well, that fits perfectly with the original launch of the new website!

I just got a satisfaction questionnaire from a customer service query a month ago. In French.


“Courriels”, if you please… :wink:

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Received the questionnaire too, I thought it was feedback for a query I recently sent. Not having received a response to the query as yet I responded to the questionnaire with 1 stars and commented as such.

My email genuinely appeared like spam or a phishing email. It didn’t use your name, just your email address. And it didn’t even look convincing.
Server migration or not, it was poorly done. I deleted it immediately.

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interesting choice of word, given that the hope of fishing emails is to appear genuine!

I.e it was a poor quality looking email. Even more so if it were genuine !

Le français n’est pas autorisé sur le forum.


Hope it’s not the same team that have redone the website.

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