Parliament incompetence!

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  • Incompetent NO

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The most likely outcome of this poll is deadlock.


It suits me fine that they’re putting the country first, ahead of an idiotic binary answer to a complex question with immense impplications for the UK. I’m quite relaxed about what our MPs are doing.

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Incompetents: YES / NO ? :thinking:

Shouldn’t this be EYES / NOSE


In a way it seems to me Parliament is straining to find a better way of working, moving away from the old party lines where everyone just voted according to their whip and no vote outcome was ever in doubt with a majority ruling party. I’d be very happy if we saw a Parliament that made more balanced decisions and a culture that allowed members to vote more independently or in a more flexible way on important and indeed moral issues.

Feels to me that what we are seeing is some of those old precedents being broken, albeit slowly. We are also discovering how archaic and unwieldy our system can be.

I may be the only person in the room that actually felt the principles of coalition government (ignoring the political flavour of the last one for a moment) might have real value-and for example would probably have resolved this Brexit decision far faster. Whistling in the wind I realise.

We get the system and the MPs we vote for of course. The next election will be ‘sporting’ I suspect.

Lets also be honest; would we prefer a leader who, despite being a minority winner, acted as a dictator and drove through legislation almost at random, or using spurious emergency laws?


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Funny that, give a committee composed of polar opposed ideologists 8 or even 4 potential solutions to a question with unqualified intent, and they fail to reach a majority.

I’d argue it’s not incompetence but maths.

Though that doesn’t mean I don’t want to bang their heads together.

The question is not about incompetence, it’s a clash of principles & ideology, some very strongly held views & a touch of pigheadedness compounded by limitations in procedural process, But not incompetence.


Well Ayes and Noes anyway…

Parliament isn’t incompetent. It is trying to work through a huge issue, with a wide range of (as yet) unclear options with unclear potential outcomes. And it is constrained by the precedence of Party-Politics that is unsuited to the task in hand.

The incompetence, and there is plenty of it about, is with David Davis, and his successors who failed miserably in their “negotiations” with the EU. And also the PM who is bloody-minded and scheming, trying to force through an agreement that clearly nobody but she, actually wants.

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The incompetence is not knowing what they wanted before invoking Article 50.

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I think Don has summed up my feelings too, although I’m not going to name names as to who I think is incompetent ( I’m looking at you Mark Francios).

Is Parliament in general incompetent? no (despite Ann Widdecombe’s comment last night); some individuals, certainly yes; others I have some admiration for (even bordering on sympathy).

You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the Brexit or Bust thread ; )

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Parliament members are very capable, it’s the parliamentary system that’s incompetent. Which many have utilised for their own benefit of course.

I try to avoid it, although occasionally I can’t resist peeping round the door. So no not really paying it any attention.

Is it possible to discuss Parliament’s competence in relation to business OTHER than Brexit ?

Or has ALL other business been put on hold for the past four months, if not three years ?

Can anybody quote any other significant topic that has been discussed in Parliament this past seven days ?

There was a debate on beer & pub taxation on 29 March.


It does not help matters when parties and individual politicians are following their own agendas. Labour are trying to force a general election and the Tories are split down the middle to name but 2 examples. I don’t see too much evidence of politicians’ consciences on display.

I voted ‘no’ above and am in agreement with @Don. I see quite a few parliamentarians on both sides of the House being principled, trying to do their best for the UK, and prepared to work across party lines to achieve this.
The ‘incompetence’ that I see is kicking off a 2-year clock with no idea of the objectives to be achieved, no consensus in Parliament or even within the governing party, no clear negotiated strategy, and an utterly inflexible leader (sic). That many parliamentarians are refusing to support this incompetence is in my view a public service.
I find it utterly staggering that there are some in the Conservative party who are trying the blame the Opposition for this mess. In saying that I’m not suggesting that the Labour party would have done a better job of Brexit, but that’s besides the point. It is the government-of-the-day who is responsible for getting the job done competently on the behalf of the whole of the UK. There is nobody else to blame for this: not the Opposition, not the EU, not the DUP. This mess is wholly self-made by the ruling party.


Where’s David Miliband when you need him?

Agreed. They picked the wrong brother, thanks to the unions I believe. We would have lived in a rather less insane place perhaps, with normalised politics and no Brexit and no Corbyn, no McDonnell and no Momentum group. No one would have heard of the ERG. Theresa May would still be Theresa May and not the haggard facebot of doom. Brussels would still be a basket case mind.

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