Partnering NDX 2

Potentially interested in NDX 2. Trying to find out what people use to partner (not knowing all the kit). Supernait is an Integrated amp? or better Pre/Power and associated PSU - trying to keep box count down

I run a Nova in my main system, off a Core. The Nova is a great one box solution. For the NDX2, partenering with the Supernait2 integrated amp would be a great 2 box setup. Beyond that the costs soon mount up and you need to decide between additional sound benefits with much higher cost.

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NDX/Supernait is a great combination if you want a simple 2-box system. NDX2 sounds better still to me, although I haven’t heard it with a Supernait.
The next step up the Naim ladder is 202/200, with various optional power supply upgrades. Personally, I prefer this to the Supernait, but you may decide it’s not worth the extra cost and more boxes. For a real step up, try 282/200 or 282/250 for a real step up from the integrated amps.

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They showed the NDX2 with Supernait (into Focal speakers) at the Heathrow show, it did a fantastic job of sounding musical in a room with pretty poor acoustics and Naim’s usual “interesting” choice of music.

I when I added NDX into my system had 202/HCDR/200 upgraded to 282/HCDR/200 then massive step to 282/HCDR/300 and the DR on the 300

what I am trying to say is the NDX and esp the NDX2 will work with either SN2 or seperates - if box count a concern demo the SN2 and then PSU on NDX 3 boxes

however having heard the NDX2/282/SCDR/300DR into Kudos T505 - nothing short of breathtaking

but as always choose source and match to the system whould be my advice

Hi, I partner my NDX2 feeding a Hugo Mk1, which in turn drives a 552DR/250.2/ATC speakers. To me this is stunningly enjoyable and natural combo… the only downside it encourages you to spend too much time absorbed listening to music… :grinning:

I have Supernait on my NDX & both with PSU’s. Its an excellent combo, so anything up the amp ladder would be good.

I heard the NDX2 with Supernait, normal naca5 and interconnects into Focal Kanta 3 at audio show east last year. Very musical, thoroughly enjoyeable, rooms with 3 or 4 times the price, were left wanting.


The NDX2 with Supernait will be a very good combination allowing for years of music-pleasure. What I like about the NDX2 is that it is that good, that one can easily grow the SuperNait/NDX2 towards a combination with pre/power/psu of the Classic range. In other words: the NDX2 is a very volatile and solid investment

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Thanks. Was trying to put my kit in signature in new Forum but currently running 272/Nap 250DR and XPS DR into Spendor D7. Would need to be a good step up to consider the NDX 2. Interested in potentially going to one of the Roadshows just announced. I could use some of existing kit but would need suitable preamp presumably


I think you meant versatile … :grin:
Hopefully not too many explosions occurring with new NDX2s


Hi @Simon-in-Suffolk… you are correct … feel ashamed using the wrong word :slight_smile: pff

I have just bought the Supernait 2 and now saving for the NDX2. It does sound amazing
I would love to go the BIG way with Naim, but maybe later. Think it would be divorce if I bought a ND555 …maybe next month lol

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So if I kept my XPS-DR & Nap 250 DR and try and get a 282 and Supercap DR ex dem along with new Ndx 2 would that make sense?. Silly question but how many power sockets needed?

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Three. One for the XPS, one for the SCDR and one for the 250DR

…and the NAPSC makes four.

NDX2 with 202/NAPSC/HCDR/200DR here.

NDX2 with NAC202/NAPSC/HCDR/NAP200 and Neat Iota Alphas Speakers. Can’t stop listening to it.


Yes, that’s a fantastic system. 282= boogie with both DR (SC&250) = details. The NDX2 brings superb sound and is “future proof” all the advantages of the new streaming platform.

OK confused. From Naim site


So it has a NAPSC PSU for the Digital side and then it’s advisable to get a separate PSU such as Hicap or SuperCap DR to control the Audio side?. Seems a lot of money to buy a Supercap DR for this alone. Where does my existing NAP 250DR come in - is that simply the Power amp i.e. it’s not powering the 282?

On the higher NAC 252 it appears you have a SuperCAP DR to do all the powering ?