Partnering NDX 2

PSU are part of the Naim philosophy and allow you to upgrade whilst staying with the same pre-amp.

The 250DR is a power amp and Hicaps, Supercaps etc are PSUs for the pre-amp. And other devices too like CD players.

‘Yes’ to all your questions.


My view is that the SuperCapDR is not necessarily the best sounding on a 282… depends on rest of system. I much preferred the HiCapDR into my 282, and kept my SuperCapDR in storage until I later got my 252… which of course is specifically designed to be powered by the SuperCap… kind of like the 552 specifically designed to be powered by the 552PS.

For me the SuperCapDR accentuated the 282 forwardness too much… it was initially impressive, but soon tiresome… the HiCapDR allowed the 282 to be more relaxed and less forced without losing too much in detail etc


Thanks Simon - you speak wise words!

Of course, as you said, it’s depended on the rest of the system (and room acoustics) - the loudspeaker are playing a major roll if it’s going to sound tiresome or engaging.

I also attended this demo and concur with your comments.
The NDX2 was very good.

Hi Simon, I’m intrigued by your combination of the ndx2 with the Hugo: are you using the streamer as a network bridge?
I have dcs network bridge on loan which I am using with a Hugo Mk 1 into an olive 52/250: it wasn’t completely convincing initially but is beginning to sing (I think that the new SPDIF digital cable between the bridge and Hugo was burning in). The sq is a big improvement on my existing set up which uses a Mac mini connected to the Hugo via usb.

I would like to listen to an ND5 XS2 and NDX2 before deciding which way to go.

  1. Do you think the olive amps will work well with the new naim streamers
  2. If I go with a naim streamer should the Hugo stay?

Hi, I use the NDX2 as streamer and digital transport and renderer. The NDX2 provides an SPDIF data stream to the Hugo. The NDX2 can operate in digital or analogue output mode, but note not both at the same time.

Should you use your Olive amps? If you enjoy them, absolutely.

Should you use your Hugo? Entirely up to you. I feed a 552 which is an ideal match for my Hugo in my opinion and gets me closer to my music, different NACs may and probably will be different … but that is clearly my preference.

BTW on the Hugo set the level optimally for your NAC… I find turquoise best with my 552. I also find the Hiline works a treat connecting the two.
Also ensure your NAC is grounded and not floating if just using your Hugo

Simon, would you care to elaborate on this? I seem to remember something you mentioned on the old forum, possibly to do with keeping a DIN connection from streamer to NAC for grounding purposes?

My view is the exact opposite. The SC on a 282 opens up the sound, is smoother and more engaging to listen and still retains the excitement and PRAT.

The next substantial upgrade from a 282/SC is a 552. The 252 is a sideways move in my experience with both gains and losses.Better to spend a bit more and get a s/h 552.

Hi Chris, yes most if not all Naim sources now have a ground switch that is either set to chassis or float. A NAC needs one and only one input set to chassis ground and all the rest floating for optimum performance. Traditionally with Naim the CDP was the ground reference.

One solution if you have a Naim streamer and no other ground reference source and a separate floating ground DAC like the Hugo is to connect the Din audio out of your streamer to an unused NAC input, and set the streamer to chassis ground. The Hugo will then work optimally with your NAC

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Hi Simon, that’s how I remembered it, but thanks for confirming. Just putting the Hugo back in after a period of tinkering. Next stop is a bit of heresy, trying a non-Naim (passive) preamp for a final attempt to get it sounding good before it goes on eBay - I guess the same cable (only RCA at one end) will provide a ground again in this case.

Very please to hear this. Aside from the speakers this would be my set up if I go for an NDX2.

May I ask what your source was before the streamer? Mine is currently a 16 year old CDX2.

In answer to your question Mike, I am pretty new to the world of Naim, when the Muso came out I sold all of my very old Arcam and Spendor equipment and I just ran the Muso, I really enjoyed the sound it produced and I wanted more, so I purchased a Naim Atom with Neat Iota Alpha Speakers, again I loved the sound of that but I still wanted more, so when the NDX2 arrived at my local dealer, I auditioned it with a variety of Naim amps and I had to have it, head and shoulders over the Atom. So I then purchased a Nac202, Nap200, HCDR all preloved, the Napsc, Naca5 and fraimlite were ex demo, this saved me several thousand pounds over new and with part the exchange of the atom and muso, it was a very, very reasonably priced system and a very enjoyable system. The upgrade bug is being held at bay by this systems sound.


Thanks. Looking forward to my dem this Saturday.

Thanks Simon.
I spent about 5 days with the dcsnb feeding my Hugo…very enjoyable. I then put my nova into the mix: first driving the speakers directly…it demonstrates what a neat machine the nova is; I then fed my 52/250 with the Nova via the RCA output…very enjoyable indeed…the best combination so far. I am going back to the dcsnb/ Hugo over the weekend just to remind myself of the sound.
What I am convinced about is that I need to audition an ND5 XS2 and NDX2 before buying anything.

So, I’ve taken the plunge. Dealer install of a NDX2/SN2 this week. Nova going to the media room/office - just in time for starting back at working from home in April. That gives me a great office set up with the Nova on the end of my desk, and the SN2/NDX2 combo for lunchtime sessions and Fridays (as I’m working 4 day weeks and my wife is working part time now), and it solves the headphone amp issues I had in the media room/office.

This should be the end, though the NDX2 leaves the door slightly open depending on how self employment goes again (this will be my second spell).

Happy days.


Congratulations and enjoy! Many seem to consider that the NDX2/SN2 is the best balance between low box count and performance so I’m sure all of us would like to hear your view as an owner.



Congrats on the order Mike. Personally I think there is something really compelling about the simplicity of a really good source feeding an integrated amp. Still think it’s one of the most desirable solutions in relation to box count and faff of cable dressing hassle and overall set up. Look forward to reading your observations when fully installed.

Good luck with the self employment as well. Never easy, but the joy of a good office system always helps the working day flow. And I guarantee that on nearly every holiday you take, a cracking job will come in that you have to turn down!


Congratulations Mike!

What speakers are you using?

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