Password and secutity issues

Hi all,
I’ve got a problem with the security on the Forum today regarding my account.It came out that my password had a sort of an issue and I also noticed on my account that there are two devices connected from Monza(Mi) which is not of course my city.I first successfully changed my password but the warning of the connected devices remained.I then tried to use TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATORS but my Android QR scanner did not provided me the relative code.
What could have happened?Any suggestions?
Thank you

Which is your city?
If it’s “near by”, it could be a confusion in mapping IP address ranges to geographical locations, e.g. due to regional pooling by fixed line operators or mobile networks. Assuming, these 2 devices could be somehow yours?

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Hi PhilippVH,
thank you so much.I think you are right:my city is Milan and is urbanly connected to Monza.Regarding the mention two devices, is the first time I see them listed, even if I must admit it’s been a long since I don’t get on my account page.You may be right for the devices being mine too?
Thank you

Hi Fabio,

I go the same - many apps (and also google maps) locate me in a city 80kms away; I’m with a local internet provider, which has it’s HQ in cologne, where the IPs are mapped to.

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I’m in Glasgow, Scotland, my internet provider thinks I’m in London 400 miles away ! given up trying to correct it

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Cologne?Alles gut?Vielen dank!

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Glasnaim thank you!

I wouldn’t worry, it sounds like a Cookie issue. Clear your Cookies on your device and check only one device is seen.
It’s not a security matter,

As far as location identification, that entirely depends on your IP address registration as typically provided by your ISP from the name registration of the dhcp scope or address used for your connection, This will usually not be exact, especially if dhcp and may vary across a nation, but very unlikely to vary internationally. Larger more established ISPs are more likely to have more accurate IP domain name location registration information.
You may find your ipv6 address location info is less exact than your ipv4 address location info.

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Funnily enough I’m in Kent, but it regularly used to tell me I was logged in up in Glasgow. Interesting to note that lately it has been far more accurate.

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Hi Simon,thank you for the articulated reply.

Dynamic IP address by any chance?

I can be anywhere between here & Nantes over 100Km north.

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