Path to phase out n272

Coming from 152/155 nd5xs (1), I am now running my Ovator S-400’s over a n272 and 250dr in a medium sized room. Listening mostly to (fusion) jazz. The n272 I bought relatively cheap being a demo model, then only 2 months old, so I am not too devastated (just a bit…) seeing it being somewhat obsolete now.

I was aiming for an endgame of streamer_dac + 252/sc/250dr, and am saving for the first step towards that.

If I was to go for a 252/sc, waiting for a well priced pre-owned to come along, could I use the n272 as a streamer_dac solely, so not using it’s preamp section? If so, I will take this path to phase the n272 out and in the future replace it by an up to date streamer/dac. In the meantime, I might plug a bluesound node (or similar) into the n272 for quboz hi-res streaming.

Questions usually easily answered by going to the dealer in better times, now hoping for some experienced user advice over here :slightly_smiling_face:.

You could use the line out of the 272, and connect to another preamp

Although a 252/250 deserved a much better front end…

The 272 has a line out as well as a pre out, so you can connect it to a preamp.
I would consider buying a PSU to upgrade the 272 as a first step, such as an XPS. Without that, it falls a long way behind the standard of source that a 252 deserves. Then, when you replace the 272 with a separate streamer, you can use the same PSU to power that. Again, I would say that an amp like a 252/250 deserves a better source than say a bare NDX2, so an XPS, or even a 555, would be a good investment.

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Thank you, this makes sense.

  • psu for the source
  • upgrade preamp
  • upgrade source, using the psu from step 1.

Seems like a solid path.

I would probably:

i. NDX2
11. 282/252
iii. XPS2/555PS

I think that gives you a logical upgrade path. You will, of course, need to choose between XPS and 555. There will be those who tell you that more expensive = better, but that’s not a universally held opinion, especially if you consider other upgrades you could make with that money.
Ideally you would listen and choose for yourself, and this is where a good dealer can really help. Not easy in current times, perhaps.

Your step 1 crossed my mind as well, but that would mean using the n272 as preamp. Budget will provide me with one step at a time of around the cost of a ndx2, xpsdr.

My first dealer went to another brand, the second out of business and I have moved house to another region during covid. So indeed, dealer support is challenging at the moment.

I did however audition 252/250/xps before, making me purchase the 250. Boxes of around € 5k also make for a reasonable confinement for me.

I believe it has been a well known fact the 272 soon to be discontinued (if not already)

I wasn’t clear I see; two months old when I bought it, some 5 years ago

As an ex-dem 272 owner with a 555PS and a 250 here’s a question close to my heart. Our end games are different though as I really don’t want too many boxes, so a 272.2, 372 or whatever would be my preference which would have made a nice 3 box system. In fact I bought the power supply assuming that a 272 replacement would appear, but I don’t think that will happen now. Some have suggested a PS to go with your 272, but that assumes you get a Naim front end to use it.

There are plenty that have gone down the server/ DAC route and that may be an option for you, which would make any PS to support your 272 wasted.

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Thanks, a thought on my mind as well

In the mean time you can install the BubbleUPnP app on any Android machine and run Qobuz + your local stored files from there. Works like a charm.
Apart from the N272 I use an XPS-DR as PSU and Chord Signature Interlink to my 250DR. The better interlink gives additional depth and transparency. Not cheap but worth the effort. Have fun!

I’m ok in the meantime playing my own collection (some hi-res) with minimserver and Tidal connect, not in that big of a hurry.

Thanks for the different insights, I have some thinking to do and will talk to a dealer post-lockdown.

I am a 172 owner and have no issues in terms of audio quality or reliability when streaming FLAC files.
What does the 272 no longer support?


The only issues have been Tidal as they change the goal posts so maybe one day Tidal will make a change then thats it.

If I where you I’d forget the PSU and see which way the wind blows but moving your 272 along (as many have) sooner rather than later might be prudent.

If financially possible you could buy a used 282/HC from someone like Tom Tom and a cheaper Streamer Dac something like a used Node 2 to tide you over until you see which way the wind blows regarding a new streamer Dac.

Also this will give you the opportunity to try a 282 which many prefer to the 252 anyway.

Reading this while the oldest is watching bob the builder…

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Qobuz high res.

Thanks, also a sensible consideration. Too bad we don’t have a Tom Tom over here (NL)…