Pathetic, but I’m so excited

Hi all,

Current set up:
NAC 282
NAP 250 dr
XPS dr
2 x HiCaps (one dr the other not so a bit imbalanced powering NAC)
Ovator S600’s
Superlumina IC’s for 282 & 250
Powerline on everything but NAPSC
NACA5 cable
All on Fraim Lite

I have plan for the long term future (NAP 300, NAC 252 & 555PS) it will take a few years. But I would be interested in your thoughts about the following purchases I have on order for each of the following and SQ impact while I count down the sleeps.

  1. Purchased full fat Fraim to replace Fraim Lite.
  2. SuperCap to replace HiCaps.
  3. SuperLumina speaker cables to create the full loom.
  4. Will have a spare Powerline to use on the NAPSC.

I know haven’t probably purchased everything in the wrong order (circumstances and attractive deals have all played their part) but if anyone could give me something to think about while I try and distract myself for the next few weeks that would be great. I am very happy to share my findings once everything arrives.


I mean “everything in the right order” whoops

I think better would be to replace the loudspeaker Ovator S600.
That’s your bottleneck.

Interesting, I thought the bottleneck might not having a big enough power amp to drive the S600’s


Either match the Hicaps or add a Supercap.

It’s not a secret, the Ovator S600 is not as good as you expect. Read between the lines in several tests and you will know. For the investment that you want to make, you can buy grandiouse loudspeakers.

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Hi Guinnless, I’m doing all of the above and wondered what the impact of each would be.


I’m a fan of the S600s - they replaced SBLs five years ago, then again my system is active and they sing. Is this something you have considered?

I think what you’ve ordered is very sensible and will give to a lovely system that you can improve in the fullness of time. You seem to have taken a very logical approach, which is always a good idea.

  1. 555DR PS (which will blow your socks off :wink: )
  2. SC DR
  3. 252
    4 Full-fat Fraim
    5 SL speaker cables
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Not all your respondents seem to have got the point!

These all look like logical forward steps towards developing what is already an excellent system. I don’t have experience to make specific comparisons but here’s my thoughts.
1.Fraim - I went from the highly regarded Hutter to full Fraim in a couple of steps and it made a very noticeable improvement, so I think you will notice this.
2. SuperCap. This is a necessary step towards the 252. I did the same and felt the SuperCap DR (replacing one pre DR HiCap) was a good improvement. But just wait until you get the 252!
3. I have no experience of SuperLumina but the consensus seems to be that a full loom is better than a mix, so, again a logical step.
4. You will have to try the effect of the Powerline on the NAPSC, but I imagine the effect of a full set of PLines will be cumulative.

I have a 250DR and would like a 300.

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I have to agree with Nigel here. Sounds like some very logical and considered upgrades you have coming up.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Nice to know that I’m on the right track.

And special thanks to CliveB for giving me a response that makes me even more excited :blush:


I would dr supercap the 282 as it gets rid off the un balanced power supply.
Then get them s600 active.
Sit back and enjoy.

I run a 52, NDS/555, s600 active with 3 x 250 amps and i must say the s600’s love active, i for one wont be changing them

Why pathethic ? the forum is just to share our experiences.
However your list seems right, i’d eventually exchange N 1 with 2.

@ Pomito, maybe they are not perfect, like pretty much everything on earth, so which alternative would you suggest, this is a question i already asked myself.


I’ve done these exact changes (minus 3.) and in my experience you are right to be excited,

  1. Improved resolution / depth to the sound so you hear more in the mix, but of more importance a sense of control that reduces the tendency to loose the plot in complex passages.

  2. Big change to the scale of the soundstage and tonality improves dramatically, so for me it was big and beautiful.

  3. A surprisingly big improvement in the clarity of vocals that made previously obscure lyrics understandable. Absolutely worth the investment in a powerline and a shelf of Fraim too if you can accommodate it.

I now have your target system and it too is well worth the sacrifices and journey time,


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